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    SIA Club Solar PV project fully funded via SunVest.
    Enjoy savings with zero upfront costs by crowd sourcing your project.
    • Good Returns

      Better yield than Fixed Deposits and Bonds in prevailing countries!

    • Diversity Portfollo

      Diversification of your investment portfolio to mitigate investments loss in adverse market conditions. Sunvest returns are fixed and not attected by adverse market conditions

    • Eco-Friendly

      Invest in green energy. Invest in our future!

    easy process

    • 1 Register as investor or Pledge your investment amount

    • 2SolarPVExchange will contact and send you:
      1.Pledge Acknowledgement Form
      2.Details of project

    • 3Invest in the project and send us:
      1.Filled Pledge Acknowledgement Form
      2.Proof of transfer

    • 4Once SolarPVExchange has verified the amounts, we will send you a confirmation on amounts received.

    • 5Wait for your investments to mature
      (terms and conditions apply)

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    Clean renewable energy

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    • $0 Installation

      We carefully select Solar Financiers to finance your solar PV installations so you can enjoy energy savings while paying $0 Installation Cost

    • Guaranteed

      You will enjoy a discount on your Future Electricity Tariff and guaranteed savings for the next 20 years (from the sun!)

    • Sunmeter
      (Online Monitoring)

      With our Sunmeter tool, you will be able to trak your savings easily online. Simply log in and check your output summary every month.

    • Free

      NO extra fees for maintenance provided for the system during contracted period to ensure efficiency.

    How Does It Work?

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    Get an Installer through our SunQuote now! How SunVest Work

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    My experience with SolarPVExchange was that they were very efficient and I was given some advice from SolarPVExchange which helped me to reach a decision quickly as well, got my very own solar pv system installed at home soon after. Residential Home Owner
    A really simple and easy to use website for anyone who has no knowledge on the Solar PV installation. Just key in a few data on the website, follow it step-by-step and within 5mins, you will receive an estimation for your roof. Residential Home Owner
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