Possible iPhone 4S Pricing in Singapore

Judging from the various news/rumors circulating around these few days, finally we will be seeing the next iPhone in 3 storage capacities, 16GB, 32GB and for people like me, 64GB. And the news is that we are going to get them at a lower price, namely, the current price for the 16GB will get you a 32GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5, the current price for the 32GB will get you a 64GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5. And that brings us to the 16GB model, which will probably be around $130 cheaper than the old 16GB pricing of $480 (Singtel pricing) on contract with the cheapest iPhone-specific plans, such as Singtel’s iFlexi Lite. That is a big deal. Not only because it will make the “current generation iPhone” a lot more attractive for people who aren’t willing to spend over $400 on a phone, it also effectively pushes the “last generation iPhone”‘s pricing down to a possible $200 range.

Judging by the latest exchange rate Apple uses for Singapore, and assuming that carriers keep their current subsidy amounts, I believe we are looking at these possible prices;

Non-Contract iPhones from Apple

16GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 – $708
32GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 – $838
64GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 – $968

8GB iPhone 4 (Plastic Casing, Made in Brazil) – $578

Contract iPhone from Singtel on iFlexi Lite Plan

16GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 – $310
32GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 – $430
64GB iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 – $550

8GB iPhone 4 (Plastic Casing, Made in Brazil) – $200

Unfortunately, the contract prices will be harder to predict, basically due to the fact that Apple’s profit levels are different on the various models as compared to their sales price, so you will often see a bigger subsidy on the higher end models simply because Singtel and other telcos get the higher end models cheaper.

Also note that I am using “iPhone 4S / iPhone 5” simply because I have no idea what is going to be announced tonight. This is really exciting.

EDITED: Prices above are probably totally wrong due to 2 factors;

1. The US exchange rate has spiked since the last Apple product released with a lower exchange rate – the MacBook Air

2. News about how the capacities are going to double at the same price are totally wrong.

Also, since Apple Singapore has just released prices for the 3GS and the iPhone 4 8GB, we can somehow safely assume that the exchange rate used for the old iPhone 4 prices will be slightly different for the new iPhone 4S.

That means;

Non-Contract iPhones from Apple

iPhone 4S 16GB – 928
iPhone 4S 32GB – 1068
iPhone 4S 64GB – 1208
iPhone 4 8GB – 788 (Apple SG verified)
iPhone 3GS – 548 (Apple SG verified)

Contract iPhone from Singtel on iFlexi Lite Plan (assuming subsidy prices remain the same)

iPhone 4S 16GB – 520
iPhone 4S 32GB – 660
iPhone 4S 64GB – 800

P.S.: Note that contract pricing is a running target and the prices are often different among the different carriers, so they are highly unreliable, but it’s a rough estimates based on current contract pricing.

P.S. Again: I am 20 to 30 dollars off on all the prices. Apple revealed those prices to be as following;

16GB 948
32GB 1088
64GB 1238

  • Limbt

    what is this saturday 4D top prize number ah ?

  • Ivan Leong

    In the car industry, the refresh cycle works like this: a major model refresh every 5-6 years, and a minor facelift every 2-3 years (midway between major refreshes).

    I believe Apple is following this model:
    Even years (2008, 2010, 2012, …) major update: iPhone 3G, 4, 5.
    Odd years (2009, 2011, 2013, …) minor update: iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S.

  • Looks like the pricing in Singapore is over price with the true amount for Apple? They up the price for what reason? Steve must know everything on what’s happening in out technology today.

  • Iguest

    Is singapore local telcoms is SUCKERs.. ??
    Overpricing & Underdeliver speed & services…
    Do you know who are those local telcoms major shareholders..??

  • Guest

    its not overpriced.. us subscription fee is way higher than sg

  • guest

    confirm price for iphone4s w/o contract

    16GB 948
    32GB 1088
    64GB 1238

  • Anonymous

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