2nd Generation Apple TV unboxing in Singapore!

As usual, lousy photography : p

  • Willstream

    Does airplay works with cinexplayer app. Was wondering if can stream avi files with this thing thru cinexplayer!

  • Srihari

    Where can we get one in singapore??

  • Davidcheongkw

    Beautiful. Hope it arrives in sing soon!

  • Scionrocker

    any review / comments on using the new apple TV in singapore?

  • Derrick

    How was the experience? Do you have to wait a long time for a movie to be streamed and be ready to play?

  • Not until Apple has movie/tv content in the local iTunes store. Which as of now, seems like it’s never going to happen.

  • I believe there is a hack by Erica Sadun that allows all iOS apps to stream video to the AppleTV2, but I haven’t tried it myself yet.

  • Not yet. Might get down to doing one during the CNY break.

  • It’s cool. Movies start playing almost instantaneously. However I think there are still some bugs with regards to home sharing, cause sometimes the AppleTV2 will fail to see my iTunes library.

  • Derrickboey

    That’s great. I dont have any home sharing problem and all seemed to work well. Presumed u have also updated to the latest software version. I experienced very slow download streaming speed when I rented movies from App Store. Guess its my slow 1Mbps Singnet broadband speed ..

  • Yeah well…. when Singtel tells you it’s 1mbps it never is. I have no speed issues on my previous Starhub 8mbps(or izzit 12mbps?) or my current m1 fibre. The home sharing issues also seemed to have fixed themselves with the recent update.

  • Radin@R-Man

    Hi there. I’m interested to get the Apple TV into Singapore. So u using Borderlinx to bring it in?


  • Macislovely

    check out this. now just supports Apple TV recently. http://xbmc.org/ should be very interesting.

  • Orchid_tanya

    hi, I’ve just bought this apple tv and have managed to connect it all up. But it is not recognising my rented tv episodes… did you have any problems?

  • Cavhob

    hi, im dying to buy the apple tv… was gonna order it from USA and have my friend bring it back to singapore. would there be voltage issue? or any issues with using it in SG? thanks for taking the time to reply… 🙂

  • Maverickguo

    I have a spare new set of Apple TV 2 bought direct from New York Apple Store at fifth avenue and hand carry back to Singapore. [U]Firmware 4.3.1[/U]

    Letting go my spare brand new unused unit at $180. Pls email maverickguo @ Ho tm ail . C om (without spaces) indicating your HP number for immediate deal. Will deliver to your place. Thanks.

  • Maverickguo

    Oh btw, it’s easy to setup US iTunes account so you can start buying and streaming TV seasons such as Glee, Desparate housewife, TopGear, Big brother etc…

    You can also rent and watch the latest blockbuster in HD and dobly digital 5.1 with your home theatre system.

    Otherwise u can also just stream and watch US news from wall street for free or browse and watch YouTube in HD.

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