On the whole iPad and iPhone losing their physical home buttons rumor….

This whole rumor was probably triggered by the fact that iOS 4.3 beta 1 for iPad comes with multitouch gesture controls for changing applications (by swiping multiple fingers horizontally, like on the Mac for changing pages), returning to home screen (by the 5-finger pinch), etc. These gestures definitely will be familiar to current Mac users […]

Steve Jobs’ thoughts on Flash

An extensive piece by Steve Jobs about his thoughts on Flash, and why Flash will never be on the iPads, the iPhones, the iPods, and possibly any non-Mac OS X device that Apple introduces in the future.

Macworld predictions roundup

We are 5 days away from the holy mecca of all Mac fans – Macworld Expo. As usual, there are many last minute rumors flooding the Mac rumors sites. Will do a listing of all the rumors listed on Macrumors.com so far. Basically, we have the following; 1. iWork and iMovie to become online apps […]

Fake 4th gen iPod Nano “leaked image”

How fake? Totally fake. Whoever took this picture just used one of those fake Chinese-made “MP4” Nano-lookalikes available for cheap in Sim Lim Square and stuffed it in a 2nd Gen Nano case. Big deal. Too fake. Edit: For the moron who called me an idiot while saying that the above photograph is real, take […]

iPod-Touch Phone?

TUAW is reporting that someone has successfully attached a mike to the iPod Touch and make it able to receive and record audio, suggesting that a iPod Touch-based VoIP device is possible, which will (in theory) eliminate the need for the iPhone. To me this all sounds like the not-so-strong cult following of people who […]

First ever iPod promo video

Wow! Behold the first ever iPod promo video. This is sooooo different from how the iPod ads are like today.

iPod Touch Screen Problems

The recent big news about the iPod Touch is that a lot of the 16GB ones reportedly have a hardware display problem which renders them almost unviewable/usable. However, apparently the hardware problem has been fixed in the latest iPod Touches that are made in production week 38 and after, as many readers on macrumors.com have […]

Coming writeup on iPod Classic’s audio codec “problem”

Seems that the iPod Classic’s been given the bashing by a lot of iPod lovers lately over Apple’s discussion to change suppliers for the audio codec from wolfson to cirrus logic, in order to maximise profits. I personally don’t think too much of the issue, but since it will be of interest to those who […]

New iPod Touch available in Singapore

Finally, some reliable sources tell MacRyu.com that the iPod Touch will be on sale from tomorrow onwards, at iShop only! Who’s going down tomorrow to check the Touch out? ME! Edit: Argh. Wrong info after all. iShop has the stock in already but they refuse to sell.

Where is the iPod Touch?

Shipping on 28th Sep, or so says the Apple Online Store. But according to here and many other sites, the iPod Touch has already hit many places in the United States! So where the hack are they? My Apple Online Store Order Status is still “Shipping on 28th Sept, deliver by 1st Oct”. ARGH!!!! According […]

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