How to insult your Android-using friends / relatives this Christmas / New Year / Chinese New Year

So it’s the festive season again. If you are like me, this holiday is the perfect chance to tease, insult, those who have chosen, for whatever reason, to stand on Google’s side and use an Android. Unlike some lesser countries it’s highly unlikely you will ever find yourself in a situation where the number of […]

Humor site full of #FAIL from the iPhone’s very powerful, yet also sometimes, very uncontrollable autocorrection function

Here’s an example. Nearly laughed and choked to death at dinner last night when a friend introduced me the site.

Blogger-Reviewers, Tech Reviews, Bias, Freebies, Rants and why Apple Singapore hates me

Warning – This article might come across as being messy and distasteful. Let’s face it – everyone has their bias. Every blogger, reviewer has their own bias. Anyone telling you otherwise is just plain lying in your face. Sites that try to be like Engadget and Gizmodo are totally biased as well – they tend […]

Words of idiocy from idiots

28th July 2009 Girl working at Apple booth, sent from Apple SG: “The current Mini Displayport adapters totally don’t work for doing presentations. My old MacBook and MacBook Air adapters do, but the new ones don’t. Apple probably got something wrong in the design”. 29th July 2009 Guy working at Apple booth, sent from Apple […]

Microsoft’s latest “Laptop Hunters” ad

Why one should never buy a Dell monitor online

The story: I needed a new lcd monitor, decided to get a cheap one, found a good deal on the Dell online store, and made my order. Hours later they called, said that it was an error in pricing, and if I do not cancel my purchase they will process my order with a much […]

Diamond Conversion

Diamond Conversion: The process of creating a one-in-a-million die-hard Mac/Apple convert. This particular convert will himself, without fail, convert many other thousands of people in years to come. My latest Diamond Convert He’s so going to kill me for posting this photo. LOL.

I really love this one… LOL

Anwar uses a Mac

Not to be political here, but just look at this. Nice.

Ten reasons why Vista is “great”

So Microsoft decided to “stay up and fight” Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertisements by launching a Anti-Apple advertisement of their own. I wonder how that will work out, and what they will be touting as great on Vista. I am thus offering my own ten reasons why Vista is “great”, maybe they can draw inspiration […]


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