The ExFAT Podcast Episode 2: November Sales and One More mini Thing

Ryu and Dan comes back once again to talk about the multiple sales events going on in November, including the massive Apple Watch sales ongoing at Amazon. Then it shifted to Anker chargers, iPhone accessories and Ryu’s iPhone 12 mini preorder. Both give their predictions and wants for Apple’s November 2020 event, titled “One More […]

The ExFAT Podcast Episode 1: Reboot in 2020

The ExFAT podcast is back after four long years!!! Join Dan (who has relocated to Osaka, Japan, since the last recording) and myself as we talk about the iPhone 12, HomePod mini, microphones, and bemoan the restrictions of a pandemic world. Pardon the slight difficulties with our recording settings and equipment, as we are rusty […]

ExFAT 6: The 2-hour Rant

Ryu and Daniel came back after 2 months of hiatus for an epic 2-hour rant about WWDC. This was recorded pre-WWDC. Subscribe to ExFAT in iTunes

My podcast (listening) journey, 2013 edition

Changed a few things around the site. Contemplated going with a completely new theme, but decided that the effort will not be worth my time, especially as I really like the current layout. Quite some time back, I wrote about how I discovered 5by5 studios, and how switching to it (from the deteriorating TWiT network) […]

My podcast (listening) journey – how I found 5by5 Studios

Happy CNY people, even though I hate it personally. But then I guess I am one of the few people in Singapore to detest CNY – the two days when Singapore turns into Dead Space. Now onto something else. As some of my Twitter peeps know, I am an avid podcast listener, particularly of the […]

65 Bits Episode 92 and 93

Yeah I know I had been slow with the posting and stuff, but am really engrossed in trying to find a way to get one of the “bricks”, either the smaller one or the bigger one. They are just so, so, sweet. Anyway, these days I have been, thanks to the kind invitations from the […]

Tech65’s 65 bits podcast No. 87: Hadoken

Sorry for posting so so so so so so so late! But yeah, the guys at tech65 invited me again to be on their show last Saturday, and while the podcast has been posted since Monday, I have yet to mention it here. So, here it is!


How can one push adoption of podcasts in an Asian country? Any suggestions?


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