Adobe should burn in hell

Photoshop sucks. Adobe sucks. Everyone gets a kick out of pirating Adobe software, just like how everyone does with each pirated copy of Microsoft software. No 64-bit Photoshop for Mac till CS5? You know what, Adobe? You can keep your CS5 for yourself and your Microsoft bitches. Photoshop will become irrelevant in 2 years. Die. […]

Updates and more updates

So 10.5.1 is finally out. Just installed on my iMac and am looking forward to see how it goes. An update that the rest of the Mac sites have yet to report on so far is yet another firmware update for the 4th Gen Aluminum iMacs’ Ati Radeon HD2600 Pro Graphics. Installed it as well, […]

Updates – Leopard and my iPhone

Sorry for the long hiatus. It will still continue for a while as I have been busy with lots of stuff. Meanwhile here’s some updates. Finally Leopard shipped. And I am the proud owner of a copy of Leopard, LEGALLY. Though it didn’t cost me the full 241 singapore dollars. Hehz. And you know? Leopard […]

Apple Store’s down. Is Leopard coming?

Thursday morning 0735hrs. A strange hour and day for the Apple Store to be down, as that is usually reserved for Tuesday nights. Is Leopard coming? Edit: Nothing again.

Brand new Aluminium (silver and black!!) MacBooks in October!!!

I am very very excited about this piece of news. According to 9to5Mac, the same guys whom, with the help of their chinese spies, revealed to the world the shape of the new iPod Nano and the presence of the iPod Touch way before everyone else, Apple is preparing to ship brand new MacBooks in […]

The Leopard Question

So yeah, we know that Leopard is now due for June. The big question everyone is asking now is exactly, are there secret features in Leopard? Developers and techies alike are both complaining that the 10.5 developers’ seed is both buggy, and have questioned the missing “secret features” that Steve Jobs promised at the WWDC […]


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