Blogger-Reviewers, Tech Reviews, Bias, Freebies, Rants and why Apple Singapore hates me

Warning – This article might come across as being messy and distasteful. Let’s face it – everyone has their bias. Every blogger, reviewer has their own bias. Anyone telling you otherwise is just plain lying in your face. Sites that try to be like Engadget and Gizmodo are totally biased as well – they tend […]

“We never used PCs” School throws out working Macs

This is exactly the kind of website that a school who proclaims that they never use Macs is only capable of. I won’t expect much of the kids who study there. Read the original story here. Pictures of the Macs destined for trash are available here.

Why school-based Mac User Groups are a terrible idea

This is a tale of something good going horribly bad when it falls into the wrong hands. I was probably the first person who really injected life into the establishment known as MacNUS, despite not being the founder. Lots of events, lots of ideas for improvement, lots of pushing the establishment and improving the status […]

Words of idiocy from idiots

28th July 2009 Girl working at Apple booth, sent from Apple SG: “The current Mini Displayport adapters totally don’t work for doing presentations. My old MacBook and MacBook Air adapters do, but the new ones don’t. Apple probably got something wrong in the design”. 29th July 2009 Guy working at Apple booth, sent from Apple […]

Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz tries to cover Steve Jobs’ health screwup through misleading article

Gizmodo and Jesus Diaz is getting out of hand. Instead of posting some kind of apology for screwing up the Apple stock prices after the release of Steve’s and Apple’s statement earlier today, they went again and posted a disgusting article about how they were right after all. Are they? In this original article, they […]

Adobe should burn in hell

Photoshop sucks. Adobe sucks. Everyone gets a kick out of pirating Adobe software, just like how everyone does with each pirated copy of Microsoft software. No 64-bit Photoshop for Mac till CS5? You know what, Adobe? You can keep your CS5 for yourself and your Microsoft bitches. Photoshop will become irrelevant in 2 years. Die. […]

“Nike, can I have a free pair of shoes since I wear your logo on them?”

This piece of “news” is a few days old but I thought I’ll publish it anyway. ShuffleArt, a good friend of mine and a partner during the MacNUS days, forwarded the following email to me. The email was sent by, apparently, a NUS student named Hxx Xxx. Hi XXXXX, I’m currently a NUS student and […]

Horrible mistake by NS Portal admins/writers

Check out this page. Some idiot from the NS Portal actually used a picture of Steve Jobs in an article about Microsoft Powerpoint. This is totally absurb and unacceptable. So someone shot them an email. Here is the email replicated in its (almost) entirety. “Dear in charge, I refer to your article posted at http://……. […]


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