Four Years On

Thank you Steve.

Remembering Steve Jobs 2013

It has been two years since Steve passed away from cancer. His sudden departure to every single one of us devoted fans was just devastating, the news breaking the day after a lacklustre iPhone 4S Apple event. I could still remember the events of that day two years ago and how it affected me for […]

Remembering Steve

Today is the day that Steve Jobs passed away, a year ago. Steve was the only person I looked up to in this world, the one person driving the one company that made my life interesting while I wait for the next thing they dish up, every few months or so. For someone like me, […]

The Parities of Steve Jobs and Hyuuga Tooru in “Rich Man, Poor Woman”

Those of you who know me personally know that in addition to being an Apple freak, I am also more Japanese than most other Singaporeans. This drama season (summer, running roughly from July to September), I am addicted to “Rich Man, Poor Woman” a “Getsuku”(Fuji TV’s most famous timeslot for Japanese dramas, Monday 9pm, also […]

Losing Steve Jobs

Losing Steve was personal for me Not because I’ve seen him before in person, because I never have, and now never will But because he was probably the biggest influence in my life for the past 8 or so years And because joining Apple with him in charge, regardless whether he is CEO or not, […]

Steve Jobs announced Medlcal Leave of Absence for the second time in two years…..

…but he will be okay. We know it. Here’s hoping he will be back as soon as possible, and that Tim Cook and the other guys don’t pull another White iPhone 4 and iPod Shuffle 3 during his absence again.

I Believe in Steve Jobs

Yeah so I am upset about the Steve Jobs health issue. Not upset because I think he lied to us, but upset because he is sick. Yes we all know that Steve Jobs is mortal, and he is already in his fifties. Having probably the highest profile job in the whole of the tech industry […]

Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz tries to cover Steve Jobs’ health screwup through misleading article

Gizmodo and Jesus Diaz is getting out of hand. Instead of posting some kind of apology for screwing up the Apple stock prices after the release of Steve’s and Apple’s statement earlier today, they went again and posted a disgusting article about how they were right after all. Are they? In this original article, they […]

Steve Jobs is alive and well!! (Not exactly 100% healthy, but definitely not in a life threatening situation)

Steve Jobs and Apple released public statements with regards to Steve Jobs’ health today. As expected, Steve Jobs has been suffering from an hormone imbalance which caused him to lose weight rapidly throughout the past year. It has been widely speculated that the condition was an after effect of his procedure to cure him of […]


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