2011 MacBook Pros – Possibly the coolest ever?

So the rumors about the new MacBook Pros releasing tomorrow night are definitely super interesting to me. Let’s first recap how and why there is so much anticipation for this MacBook Pro release, unlike the other speed bump/innards update releases over the past two years. 1. It is now 2011. Apple first introduced the unibody […]

MacBook and MacBook Pro pricings are now at their lowest in their entire history in Singapore. Cheapest MacBooks and MacBook Pros ever!

With the release of the latest MacBook (the white one, in case some of you still can’t tell the differences between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro lines), the prices for the MacBooks and the MacBook Pros are officially at their lowest for as long as I could remember.

Macworld predictions roundup

We are 5 days away from the holy mecca of all Mac fans – Macworld Expo. As usual, there are many last minute rumors flooding the Mac rumors sites. Will do a listing of all the rumors listed on Macrumors.com so far. Basically, we have the following; 1. iWork and iMovie to become online apps […]

They are the Answers. The Question here is, however, Which One?

Will it be this…… …….or this?

Mac booth at NUS laptop sales attracts sales personnel from Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba

Reporting live from the NUS laptop sales at NUS Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 1, the Mac booth has attracted, among the many Mac faithful and new switchers, the sales personnel from other booths, with some of them essentially pledging their interest to purchase a brand new Mac with, ironically, possibly their paycheck earn from the sales […]

National University of Singapore Matriculation Fair Laptop Sales for Mac

I will be selling Macs at the NUS Matriculation Fair from this friday, 25th July till 31st July, at the Multi-Purpose Sports Hall from 9 am till 5pm. Those of you entering NUS soon do look for me if you have any questions regarding Macs or if you want to purchase a MacBook/Air/Pro for your […]

Interview with creator of gold MacBooks

The Apple Core has a interview of the creator of the gold MacBooks from Computer Choppers. Will be interesting for those who wants gold and chrome on all your Macs. Check it out here

Welcome the MacBook Air.

Just 4 words. Welcome the MacBook Air. Will post specs after the official announcement.

Freezing MacBook Keyboards… Just in time for the Christmas Season

More second-tier reporting here. Ars Technica has reported that owners of Apple’s Intel-based MacBooks and MacBooks Pros have found their keyboards freezing spontaneously, and suggested that the problem might have been Leopard. While most Mac fans probably can get such news elsewhere, second-tier reporting here does help some of the fellows who don’t read other […]

Seagate HDDs the cause of your dead MacBooks/MacBook Pros

As this article reports, and I have been saying the same thing for the past 2 years, the Seagate laptop HDDs that are used in the first generation MacBooks and several other earlier Apple laptops/desktops are problem-ridden and generally die despite careful use. While the article singles out Apple, the fact is that other manufacturers […]

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