This Tweet is Pure Genius

I heard DHH wasn’t a huge fan of companies taking a 30% cut so I wonder how his day is going — willman (@willmanduffy) April 30, 2021 In case you don’t understand the context, here is what happened earlier today. Fuck DHH. And Spotify and Match Group and Tile. Because they are just nothing more […]

Loren Brichter, creator of the Tweetie (now Twitter) app and the pull to refresh interaction technique, created days ago, after realising that completely removing Google Chrome and the Chrome Updater (also known as Keystone), solved all the performance issues he had with his MacBook Pro and his family’s iMac. This is not a new […]

On Black Friday and the MagSafe Duo

The Apple product year has largely ended. It is quite unlikely for Apple to make any new product announcements from now until the start of 2021, so the next few weeks are likely to be light on Apple news. You will probably see worsening Covid-19 situations, news of lockdowns, and even mass hysteria episodes, instead […]

I don’t know if I should buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 mini

At the Apple Store looking at the accessories for the iPhone 12. Less than 24 hours from Preorder Day, I am facing a dilemma – should I buy the 12 mini or should I go ahead and go straight for a 12 Pro Max? The Plus size iPhones I have always been using the plus […]

iOS apps have to stop going subscription

With Halide joining the likes of Fantastical, Twitterrific, Weather Line, among others, to go subscription, the number of good iOS apps on the platform still not on a subscription is dwindling fast. Yes, maximizing profits is important for a company or any individual developers, and yes, there is a general idea that Apple users are […]

On the switch to Apple Processors during WWDC2020

I bought my first Mac in 2004. It is a 12” iBook, the last model to be assembled in Taiwan, just before production is moved to Mainland China. As most will know eventually, the PowerPC Mac laptops were somewhat slow, stuck at G4 processors because IBM can’t make power efficient G5 processors that won’t burn […]

Why I no longer have much to write about Apple

These days Apple is hitting the news cycle for everything it dabbles in, from watches to a tv subscription service, but I largely stopped writing about Apple because I no long find much to write about. Yes I can write rumors about the upcoming iPhones, but do you really need to hear them from me? […]

The Problem with Twitterrific 6….

is likely this. Seriously speaking, it’s the developer’s rights to switch to a subscription service, but one would have thought that after what happened to Textexpander developers would think twice about taking the scorched earth approach, by taking away what you sold to your customers previously and forcing them to either stop using your app […]

Happy Birthday iPhone

The iPhone. It was the one device which the world needed. It was the one device that changed the world. Everything we do in our daily lives today will not have been possible without the introduction of the iPhone in 2017; Taking uber, Running a business from the palm of your hands, Full scale, WIDESPREAD, […]

Happy 10th Birthday, iPhone

I still remember the day I was sitting in my room, at my desk, watching the keynote and calculating how long would I have to save in order to afford the phone should it come to Singapore eventually (roughly 7 months, I was a student then). Many months later when it seemed like the iPhone […]


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