Top ten “I’m a PC” advertisements!

1. “I’m a PC, and I irritate the hell out of office workers by crashing when they need me the most” 2. “I’m a PC, and I can do everything, including stealing your internet banking passwords and giving them to thieves” 3. “I’m a PC, and I carry batteries that explode during major conferences” 4. […]

Mojave: Microsoft to all Windows users “Haha you are all freaking idiots!”

Old news, but interesting nonetheless. Microsoft Watch(a M$ fanboi site essentially)’s Joe Wilcox comes up with five reasons why the “Mojave Experiment” by Microsoft’s attempt to revive Vista’s image failed terribly. In his own words; “1. Microsoft treats its customers like they’re stupid. 2. Microsoft embarrasses Mojave participates. 3. The marketing campaign blames customers for […]

Publicity Video for Windows Vista

Ohh my god this is sooo funny!! Just found it when I was checking out Amber MacArthur’s blog. Enjoy people! P.S. If you don’t know who Amber is, check out her Wikipedia page.

Vista’s Problems…… Offer your comments

After using Vista for about a month, I have a ton of complaints about it. I can even forgive it for the new-OS-lacking-compatibility excuses that Microsoft can give, but this is crap. Functionality-wise, it is worse than Windows ME. While I will blog about my personal experience in a future post, I invite all of […]


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