Apple posts yet another record breaking quarter, AAPL down 13%

Even more proof that Wall Street and all these analysts/investors are just idiots. On the other hand, why should we bother with them in the first place? They were not here with us when the iMac was launched, neither were they here when Steve announced the original iPod. When the iPhone was released they said it was crap and that Palm would eat us alive, and guess what? Where’s Palm now? RIM, RIM who? When the iPad was launched they told us it was stupid because it was just a bigger iPod Touch. And looked at what happened. And recently they tell us that the iPad mini is just a smaller iPad.

Seriously? If you ask me, it stands to reason that these jokers (and a lot of bizad students training to become similar jokers) are some of the idiotic people I have ever known in my life.

In other news, AAPL has just became cheap enough for people interested in the stock, and know enough about Apple to know that buying more AAPL is a smart move.


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