Possible iPhone 4S Pricing in Singapore

Judging from the various news/rumors circulating around these few days, finally we will be seeing the next iPhone in 3 storage capacities, 16GB, 32GB and for people like me, 64GB. And the news is that we are going to get them at a lower price, namely, the current price for the 16GB will get you […]

On the whole iPad and iPhone losing their physical home buttons rumor….

This whole rumor was probably triggered by the fact that iOS 4.3 beta 1 for iPad comes with multitouch gesture controls for changing applications (by swiping multiple fingers horizontally, like on the Mac for changing pages), returning to home screen (by the 5-finger pinch), etc. These gestures definitely will be familiar to current Mac users […]

Internal Singtel iPhone 4 Launch Memo leaked

From: EVP Consumer Group Office Sent: Wed 7/21/2010 3:53 PM To: SingTel Subject: iPhone Launch – Call for Volunteers Dear Colleagues SingTel Launching iPhone 4 ! The long awaited iPhone 4 is finally here! Have you missed out in participating at our last iPhone launch? Here is another opportunity for you to be involved. Come […]

iPhone 4 launching on 28th July in Singapore?

So so so so so so so…… According to some rumor sites, the second round of international iPhone 4 launches, which the Singapore launch will be part of,, will be on the 28th July 2010. And we are hearing that preorders might start on the 21st. iPad rumors – preorders on the 14th, sales around […]

iPhone 4 in Singapore

I’m sure this is no big news, but according to at least 2 different inside sources and another well-informed source, a shipment of iPhone 4s are already on Singapore shores since more than a week or two ago and more than a couple of people have already touched the phone. Oh and the lucky Apple […]

Steve Jobs’ thoughts on Flash

An extensive piece by Steve Jobs about his thoughts on Flash, and why Flash will never be on the iPads, the iPhones, the iPods, and possibly any non-Mac OS X device that Apple introduces in the future.

Singtel announces upgrade iFlexi plans with 12GB data bundle and 30 dollars data cap

As above! Fresh from the oven. ^_^ Now Singtel seems to have the best deal. Again. Time to ditch the iOne+BBoM bundle plan.

M1 and Starhub Price Plans

iPhone is coming to M1 and Starhub from this coming Wednesday, 9th Dec 2009! Prices are way better than Singtel’s, so those of you still waiting for a good deal it’s finally here! M1 stands out with better pricing for both the phones and the plans, plus a generous 10GB data bundle as compared to […]

Singtel iPhone 3GS prices for iOne plan (the best choice for heavy data users)

Singtel iPhone 3GS Prices (iOne plan) 16GB – $698 32GB – $848 iPhone 3G 8GB – $548 Straight from the oven!!!!

Macworld predictions roundup

We are 5 days away from the holy mecca of all Mac fans – Macworld Expo. As usual, there are many last minute rumors flooding the Mac rumors sites. Will do a listing of all the rumors listed on Macrumors.com so far. Basically, we have the following; 1. iWork and iMovie to become online apps […]

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