My thoughts on business analysts (and similar humans)?

Business analysts (and similar humans) are the most useless human beings alive. Their “expertise” is to be an expert at nothing, making brief and often factually incorrect analysis on companies. They make absolutely ZERO contribution to mankind, yet consume most of the limited resources. In other words, they are not just MORONS, they are also […]

Tech Review: The iBLEAH (or at least that’s what the owner calls it)

Let me make this clear – the object being reviewed is undoubtedly a SOLID PIECE OF CRAP. I am not even going to make excuses for it. From time to time I get to see seriously weird gadgets, and by that I mean stuff that were made so badly, without any effort or thought going […]

15 years of Apple’s Homepage

M1’s Prices and Launch Details for iPhone 4S in Singapore

Was really waiting for all carriers to come up with their prices before posting this, but I guess I can’t be bothered to wait for Starhub. M1 was the earliest with their prices, and these were released since last Friday. M1’s launch is a first come first served event at 12am at the usual Paragon […]

Thank you… for everything…

iCloud’s Web Apps

iCloud’s web apps, which are only accessible by developers now, are 100 times better than anything for MobileMe ever was. If they can do something this polished, why the heck was MobileMe that crappy to begin with?

iPad 2 launch live tweets

Am here at iStudio paragon already since 5:30am. First in line! For more tweets follow me at @ryuworks

iPad 2 and accessories official pricing in Singapore

my earlier wifi prices were 100% accurate! 16gb wifi 668 32gb wifi 798 64gb wifi 928 16gb 3G wifi 848 32gb 3G wifi 978 64gb 3G wifi 1108 Smart cover poly 54 Smart cover leather 98 Dock 38

The Brick

Introducing the Brick. October 14.

iOne Plus + BBoM 1000 plan possible

Which is probably easily the best plan for most people out there. This basically refutes my original argument about them restricting BBoM for iPhone to the ridiculously low data BBoM Plus. The best data plans will a combination of a iOne/iTwo/iThree plan with a BBoM 1000, since it has been proven that the average speeds […]


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