Email from “iPhone@Singtel”

Yes yes, I know I should have posted this long ago. I was lazy. Here’s it anyway. The email from Singtel basically announcing that the iPhone will be in by the end of the month.

  • Shawn

    eh how come i havent gotten the e mail yet?

  • ryuworks

    The info was leaked and I'm basically doing proxy reporting. There is still no official news from Singtel

  • Jaafar

    Does anybody else get the impression that SingTel/the PAP really do want to see the iPhone crash and burn in Singapore? For all the propaganda about wanting to make Singapore a “digital hub”, an “ICT hub”, or whatever self-important, meaningless drivel gets splashed on the front page of The Straits Правда tomorrow morning… this pricing basically guarantees that only corporate expats and government mandarins will be able to afford to actually USE them, for as long as SingTel holds the local monopoly. Anybody else wonder why that is? Their pricing makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

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