I Believe in Steve Jobs

Yeah so I am upset about the Steve Jobs health issue. Not upset because I think he lied to us, but upset because he is sick.

Yes we all know that Steve Jobs is mortal, and he is already in his fifties. Having probably the highest profile job in the whole of the tech industry and him being a vegan is probably not helping his age (unlike Bill Gates who seems to have really nothing much to do at Microsoft except ruining products like Vista).


Somewhere in the hearts of all Apple fans we truly believed that Steve Jobs is, and always will be immortal.

Steve Jobs is God, and the iPhone is the Jesus phone. How hard can it be?

Just like any devoted worshipper will believe in his or her god, I believe in Steve Jobs. I believe everything he says, I believe every single letter he publishes, I believe that he will be back in July with more ideas for more godly Apple products.

There are people who speak of an Apple without Steve Jobs, on how it might be a chance for Apple to show that they can go on without Jobs in these six months of absence, or how Apple will fade away in two years.

I say fuck it all. I really can’t be bothered about Apple.

You see, deep down inside, I am a Steve Jobs devotee, the ultimate Steve Jobs fanboy. If Steve Jobs takes on the job of Microsoft CEO tomorrow I will sell all my Macs and buy a Windows PC. If Steve Jobs runs Samsung I will buy a Samsung phone. If Steve Jobs takes over Creative I will switch to a Zen.

I worship Steve Jobs.

So Steve, please, please come back in July.

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