Mac User Group Singapore Meetup 05/2013

We are holding a MUGS (Mac User Group Singapore) meet up this coming Wednesday evening, the first in three years.

Other than myself, there might not be anyone else attending.

In the last three years, while raw numbers of Mac and iOS users have just exploded, the close-knitted Mac community some of us valued over the years have literally vanished at the same time.

The Facebook event list literally has myself as the only one listed as attending.

This event is not restricted to MUGS members, and is open to anyone who fancy themselves as die-hard Mac/iOS users. There isn’t even proper membership for MUGS in the first place (there used to be, but that was a long, long, long time ago).

If you are interested in meeting up, or if you are only interested in walking by and looking at pathetic me sitting at the meet up venue alone, the details are;

MUGS Meetup 2013

Date: 29th May 2013
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: Funan the I.T. Mall food court

Will anyone turn up?

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  • Karen

    did anyone turn up? does MUGS still exist?

  • Macmuse

    Does MUGS exist? The website is closed?

  • Pretty much dead, some of us are planning something new as a replacement though.

  • imike

    I hope a new mugs will emerge….if membership is required,i will sign up!

  • Why don’t you join instead? MacNet is the new fb group for devoted Singapore Mac users

  • Join today! We are a fb group for devoted Mac users

  • imike

    Thanks,just joined!

  • anathoth

    We were once a small support community. Unfortunately, the the true mac faithful have been somewhat submerged by the avalanche of users that came with the iPhone/iPad. Happily some count among the faithful, many developed a new love affair, many are there for the ride, still others will jump ship as soon as the next S4 or whatever appears.

  • anathoth

    Nothing wrong with where we are – just no longer a small community with the personal touch.
    Have joined too

  • Ash

    Can anyone repair MBP? I can’t turn on my 13″ MBP.


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