MacNUS Seminar Series No. 1 – Welcome to the Mac, Again

So MacNUS, easily the biggest tertiary based Mac user group in Singapore, has started off the new academic year with the first of their traditional year-long seminar series. This one is entitled “Welcome to the Mac, Again” as opposed to last year’s “The Power of X”.

Last night’s event was split into 3 main sections, with one on the OS X environment, one on NUS’ various configurations and settings, and one on free OS X apps. Basically overall everything was more on the bare basics side of things, which obviously this seminar was targeted at, for the participants are all new Mac users.

Various announcement on future MacNUS offerings were also made at the seminar, and attendees were generally excited about them. In the end it turned out to be quite a great seminar overall for both MacNUS and the seminar attendees.

Welcome to the Mac Again - 043.jpg Welcome to the Mac Again - 041.jpg

Welcome to the Mac Again - 003.jpg Welcome to the Mac Again - 048.jpg

Pictures reproduced with permission from MacNUS. More available from their flickr page


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