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Web ads have never made me a single cent, and I doubt they ever will. And I don’t care. has always been made to look and work the exact way I want it to be, and I will never litter it with fugly banner ads.

Please feel free to run your content blockers, Peace, Crystal, Purity, all of them.

Or even better, just read via RSS.

The silly people making a big big fuss recently don’t get it – we never read their stuff with ads on in the first place thanks to RSS.

And I can’t help but think Marco Arment is making a big mistake taking Peace off the App Store.

In fact, if anything, high profile Marco just further increased the demand/appetite for ad blockers by iOS users fearing Crystal or Purity doing another “Marco”.


MacRyu is the Mac Blog by Singaporeans and for Singaporeans. It was started in April 2007 as a side project of the then President of the Official Mac User Group of NUS, Ryu, and grew to become possibly one of the most popular Apple-related sites based in Singapore. MacRyu hopes to provide you with more Mac-related info, thoughts and stuff, from the Singaporean perspective.

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