Official Unlocked iPhones in Singapore? Sounds fishy

Over at the hardwarezone forums, someone by the nick of mrxhub1 is claiming that a local distributor is bringing in unlocked versions of the iPhone, and that these are local sets with local warranty. He also claims that all the iPhones are approved for sale in Singapore by Apple Singapore, and that they are currently undergoing checks by IDA for approval right now.

If you ask me, this whole thing reeks of rotten sashimi, as many of his claims are possibly nothing but pure bull. Let’s just take 2 simple points for example;

1. He claims that the first country in Asia where the iPhone has been released unlocked is Thailand. So far what we have heard is that the iPhone is sold in Thailand, but those are hacked, and not official stuff.

2. He’s selling the 4GB iPhone?! Why the heck will Singapore get a discontinued product?

Here’s a pdf file of the first page and second page of the thread.

You can view the whole thread at


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