Possibly one of the earliest unboxing of a 11″ MacBook Air in Singapore……

I apologize for the sucky photography in advance.

This thing is crazy speedy. It’s faster than my 24″ iMac and my 15″ Unibody MBP, and is only slightly widely than my iPad.

  • Talya Stone100

    Hi Ryu 11″ Mac Book Air looking good! I have some news I want to send you about Mac for your blog but how best to send to you? Is there an email I can send a news release to? Thanks, Talya

  • Lucretius

    droolz i been thinking of getting the 11″ but reluctant because it does not have a SD Card reader.. wanted to aim for 13″ but is the 11″ that is unique …

    so .. in the end.. square 1 .. have not decide which to get yet

  • Talya Stone100

    Hi Ryu. A follow up from my last comment. Mac owners can now download free Sophos anti-virus for home use at http://sophos.com/freemacav .You don’t need to register and there’s no time limit. With the growing amount of malware targeting the Mac community and platform which is set to increase, this is good news for Mac home users. Hopefully you can let your Mac followers know about this! Cheers, Talya

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