Problems with Digg Login

I have been having problems logging into for quite a while, and seriously have no idea if it is due to my ISP or to Digg. Since I still see a lot of new diggs daily, I am pretty sure it’s not Digg. Anyone can help? Since I can’t login to Digg there’s no way I can even digg this article.

Everytime I try to login, the blank page, shown below, loads, and nothing happens. Argh. This is driving me crazy.

P.S. Have tried contacting Digg about it but they did not respond even till now.

  • I have the same problem, starting today. Usually, for every site I log into, I’m already logged in because I always check the remember me button or the keeped logged in button. Sometimes, when I delete my cookies, I have to login to every single site. But today, Digg was the only site I had to login to. But it didn’t work. I got the same result you got. A blank page. No matter how many times I have refreshed, still the same stupid blank page. I went around the site looking for an answer and thought to myself if I got banned for some reason. Somewhere on the site, I found that if you have gotten banned, they would have notified you through email. So I checked my email again and went through my spam box. Nothing. So I don’t know what to tell you. And if you get an answer, please let me know. Thanks!

  • Ryu

    Angela, you are not Singaporean I supposed? Then I guess it’s not my ISP blocking the site then… Have already emailed Digg but no one is responding.

  • Syaman

    I too am facing this problem with Digg. Good to hear I’m not alone – was almost going crazy deleting cookies and such :p

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  • Ryu

    Hmm… I wonder what exactly is wrong…. I have no problem logging on when I am using a public wifi network…. Some kind of IP ban? I have to digg this story somehow. Maybe then it will get people’s attention

  • I think it is a Singnet problem. If I’m at home using Singnet, I wouldn’t be able to login, but if I’m outside at a Mac, using wiress@SG, I’m able to login fine.

  • Ryu

    It’s not. I’m on Starhub and have the same problem.

  • Ori

    I am on Starhub – I have the same problem…!

  • I solved the problem by enabling the proxy “” in my browser. Now I can submit comments properly.

    Perhaps you need to use proxies or opendns to solve this issue on your starhub internet.

  • very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  • John

    Having the same issue with singnet, not an issue at school (also on singnet, interestingly enough.)

  • A.R.

    I’m having the exact same problem right now, and it’s terrible. I’m using Windows though.

  • digg login problem is fixed with using proxy.
    You can try 3128 (au).

    Visit my blogger tips blog :

  • tip for ip banned..log-in to different IP Location(tell ur friend to log in to their PC)..sign out..and your done


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