Singtel’s message to Singapore “Give us your money you freaking idiots”

What the hell is wrong with Singtel?

In its FAQ page for the iPhone, they stated that one can buy the iPhone by signing up for a normal voice plan. For data, they referred to the standard Broadband on Mobile (BBoM) plans page. These plans have a cap of 50 GB.

However, in another page, they actually advised consumers to get a special Broadband on Mobile Plus plan that is different from the standard BBoM plans, costs more than the standard plans, and have a cap of only 500MB!

What exactly is wrong with Singtel? Their marketing materials are in a total mess, with contradicting information all over, and placing a call to their customer service does not help as the CSOs have no information about the iPhone launch at all.

The largest telco in Southeast Asia?

You guys suck big time.

Why am I not surprised that Singtel is so closely tied to the Singapore government?

Fuck you Singtel. Stop treating Singaporeans as idiots!

Update: Singtel has completely changed their FAQ page so a lot of the information here no longer applies. They even changed their plans at the last minute. Sneaky bastards

  • Jaafar

    THANK YOU. I've been waiting for a (legit) iPhone here since the original (engineering prototype labeled as 1.0) iPhones hit the Select Few. I'm going to keep waiting until either a) M1 and/or StarHub offer them, or b) SingTel gets SingGov to “protect the telecom infrastructure” (from competition and competent customer service) by jerking the rug out from the non-famiLee companies.

    I might just have to go to Hong Kong to buy one at a decent price (unlocked, of course). But, once I'm there, why in the name of Lee Kuan Yew would I ever even think about coming back?

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  • alson

    Wow! So angry ar. There'll always be some who wants to be suck into this. I like iPhone as a macuser. But I will wait for M1 or starhub because simply Singtel is not doing enough to make me wanna crawl to them.

  • Julian

    You should check out the number of idiots in the queue last night. hahhaaa.

  • AQ

    Even tho I reserved one, I did not go down to pick it up or respond to their email, because of the unattractive price plans and “why should I queue?”. Their staff called me this Sat evening saying that they will keep the phone for me for collection in the next few days if I change my mind.


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