The New iPhone – Scoop by 9to5mac

9to5mac (through ifixyouri) has a big scoop on the exterior look of the new iPhone. Metal backs, new dock connector, movement of the headphone jack to the bottom of the phone, and an overall thinner profile.

Get in on the details on their site now. This stuff is legit. A little birdie chirps that from what he/she knows, the parts posted by 9to5mac are legit. And the little birdie is often right. Unless of course, this is yet another “teardrop prototype drawing leaks into the wild and manufacturers start making cases off the leaked document” incident. Only this time there were actual parts made, parts that 9to5mac can order from a real iPhone parts OEM.

  • Ivan Leong

    How do u know this is legit? White with silver metal sides, and black with matt black metal sides?

  • You have a point. I should be more precise. Editing my post now.

  • Ivan Leong

    Any thoughts on the origin of iPhone 3:2, iPad 4:3 aspect ratio? What’s the rational behind these choices? This will put, into context, the current rumor of 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • Ivan, the iPad 4:3 ratio has been explained long ago, with 4:3 obviously being so much better if you are surfing on the thing. About the new iPhone though, rather than looking at the 16:9 ratio, you should be looking at the physical dimensions of the new screen. What Apple is trying to achieve with the new iPhone’s change in aspect ratio is to keep the iPhone’s original width while increasing the size of the screen in order to fit more. Why is keeping the original width important? If you are a long time iPhone typist, you will realized that the exact size of the keyboard is extremely important. 5 generations of iPhones and each time everyone is able to adapt to the new iPhone immediately simply because of one basic fact – the exact size of the keyboard never changed. In keeping the width of the new iPhone to 640 pixels (in retina mode), the size of the keyboard will not have to change. And buyers of the new iPhones will feel right at home when typing on the new iPhone for the first time.

    I own several Nexus phones, and each time you take quite a while to get used to the keyboard simply because the design and exact sizes of the Google keyboard keeps changing. Being a badly designed keyboard itself doesn’t help Google’s case of course. 


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