The new iPods

Woah… So the thingy finally cooled down. We’ll get on with the hot topic right now, which is obviously, the new iPods! As we all (or rather, we, the Mac fanboys and fangers) know, the new iPods are looking like a pretty nice update from the previous line. As with the previous update in […]

Apple Special Event Sep 5 “The Beat goes on” (tonight!!)

Well, so we heard from the various Mac rumor sites that new iPods are coming out during the special event this coming Wednesday (10pm Singapore Time tonight), so MacRyu thought we will just sort out the various information that has been moving around the Mac rumor world the past few days. 1. New iPods This […]

New interface for iPod Nanos?

The MacFlauaus Weblog is hosting several videos which was claimed to be the new interface for the next generation iPod Nanos. The videos were originally hosted on MacRumors but were given the cease and desist order by Apple legal, lending creditability to the claim that these videos are real. Overall though, the videos look pretty […]


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