Apple Special Event Sep 5 “The Beat goes on” (tonight!!)

Well, so we heard from the various Mac rumor sites that new iPods are coming out during the special event this coming Wednesday (10pm Singapore Time tonight), so MacRyu thought we will just sort out the various information that has been moving around the Mac rumor world the past few days.

1. New iPods

This is widely touted by 9 to 5 Mac, a relatively newcomer to the Mac rumor scene. According to them, a new iPod Nano, dubbed FatPod by the thousands who have seen the current mockups of the possible Nano replacements. Creditability was given to them when Apple Legal sent them a cease and desist order, claiming that the “mockups” are actually stolen Apple property. So it seems that these Fatpods are real! Darn… Cause these are really pretty fugly.

However, the real anticipation is for a brand new full screen, touchscreen, wifi Video iPod, something like an iPhone without the Phone function. Such a device has been rumored to be coming for more than 3 years already, and with the unveiling of the iPhone earlier this year, it seems that tonight will finally see everyone’s dreams for the ultimate iPod realised.

2. Beatles?

Seriously, this is really of no interest to me, nor others in Singapore, nor a lot of the younger generation of iTunes users who can’t care more about having the Beatles’ catalog in the iTunes Store. Apple Inc and Apple Records had just settled and made peace not too long ago, and apparently the event will include the announcement that the Beatles are finally on iTunes. Seriously, I don’t care.

3. Other News

One small piece of news is the possibility of Apple selling ringtones via iTunes Store for the iPhone. Seriously, that will suck. Who the hell in his right mind will pay for ringtones when you can create and upload them into your phone with other phones? If Apple announces this, my support for the iPhone will definitely weaken.

Other stuff includes some redesigned shuffles with screens on them, blah blah. Nothing interesting really.

The most exciting part about this event is the location at which the event is held. Unlike other events where Apple will basically just invite selected journalists to their Town Hall in Cupertino, this is held at the Moscone Center, where all the MacWorld keynotes are held. Plus the rumors from Ars Technica that this is going to be a “wow” event, I say we are in for an exciting 120 mins tonight starting from 10pm.


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