iPod Touch Screen Problems

The recent big news about the iPod Touch is that a lot of the 16GB ones reportedly have a hardware display problem which renders them almost unviewable/usable. However, apparently the hardware problem has been fixed in the latest iPod Touches that are made in production week 38 and after, as many readers on macrumors.com have affirmed.

According to them, week 38 iPod Touches can be differentiated from the earlier iPod Touches by the boxes they come in.

Pre-week 38 iPod Touch’s box is below with the picture of Corinne Bailey Rae

The boxes that came with the latest problem-free iPod Touches have Macy Gray in Bailey Rae’s place

This posses a possible problem for us in Singapore. While those of you who have pre-ordered with the online Apple Store (I cancelled my pre-order by the way) will probably receive the Macy Gray box, the few resellers in Singapore who already have their stock in will probably be stuck with the Bailey Rae boxes. And apparently iShop is one of these resellers.

I guess everyone should exercise caution when purchasing an iPod Touch. Ask for one with the Macy Gray box.

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