Brand new Aluminium (silver and black!!) MacBooks in October!!!

I am very very excited about this piece of news.

According to 9to5Mac, the same guys whom, with the help of their chinese spies, revealed to the world the shape of the new iPod Nano and the presence of the iPod Touch way before everyone else, Apple is preparing to ship brand new MacBooks in the 4th quarter of 2007, which starts in less than ten days!

The great points about these new MacBooks?

1. Aluminum Enclosure instead of the current Polycarbonate ones

2. 2 colours, Silver and Anodized Black Aluminum (Black Aluminum!!! This thing is going to be really beautiful!)

3. Priced AGGRESSIVELY (Which may mean even cheaper prices than today!!!)

4. Similar design to the current one, but with a smaller bezel and thus a smaller footprint

5. Considerably Thinner!!!

6. Lighter!!!

7. Special Touchpads!!!! (Multi Touch functions? Backlit Touchpads?)

As you can see, I have every single right to be damn hell excited about this piece of news. And according to 9to5Mac, their sources have already seen the MacBooks in physical form, which will indicate that production is already in progress, and that their sources are probably people working in the china factories.

The even more interesting thing here is, upon looking up some archives, there was a similar post by a few months back! They believed that the MacBooks are due for October. They were ready to ship them back in June together with Leopard, but now that Leopard is delayed, the MacBooks are delayed too.

So how accurate do I think this piece of news is? Extremely accurate. Looking by the products they have released in the past few months, it’s extremely clear that Apple is going to transit into using more aluminum for their production, as evident by the latest iPods and iMacs. And one does get the feeling that the iMac, the coming MacBooks and the iWork and iLife suites were actually planned to be released together with Leopard but did not managed to do so due to the delay of Leopard. iWork and iLife had to be released earlier, and to do that some code/library frameworks from Leopard actually has to be transferred into Tiger during OS X updates installation for them to actually work. Furthermore, the design focus of the recent iMac and iPod updates do prove that these new Aluminum MacBooks are coming. Remember the main points that Steve Jobs used to praise the new iPod Classics and the new iMacs (the MacBooks, iMacs, iPod always have the privilege of sharing the same design focus ever since the iMac G5 era)? “all-Aluminium construction” (okay for the iMac it was aluminum and glass, technically, but I guess you can agree with me that the glass was there to make the screen look glossy) and “they are thinner!”. Furthermore, the 2 colours of the iPod Classic fully explains the Silver and Anodized Black Aluminum colours of the new MacBooks!

Ahhh…. I can’t wait. This is so much more exciting than the iPod Touch. I totally forgot about that piece of iPhone wannabe crap already!

I should expect some of my friends will not be too pleased about the update since they have just purchased their MacBooks recently, but well, guess what? I think many girls will snap at the chance to buy what is possibly the last batch of lovely white polycarbonate MacBooks from Apple!

Life is great. And if you do remember, the first 30 years were really just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.


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