Mojave: Microsoft to all Windows users “Haha you are all freaking idiots!”

Old news, but interesting nonetheless.

Microsoft Watch(a M$ fanboi site essentially)’s Joe Wilcox comes up with five reasons why the “Mojave Experiment” by Microsoft’s attempt to revive Vista’s image failed terribly.

In his own words;

“1. Microsoft treats its customers like they’re stupid.
2. Microsoft embarrasses Mojave participates.
3. The marketing campaign blames customers for Vista’s problems.
4. Microsoft denies there is a real problem.
5. Mojave seethes with arrogance. (Microsoft:’If we trick people, they will see just how stupid they are.’)”

There you have it, another perfect example of classic Microsoft at its works. They treat all users as idiots to exploit and exploit and exploit and exploit for money.

Here’s another article by Computerworld stating the failure of the Mojave Experiment.“Another sign that Microsoft doesn’t get it”.

And you know what? Microsoft don’t care. So long they have their long term service contracts with businesses, they are going to stay super profitable always. “You don’t like your OS? You can go suck it!”, says Microsoft.


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