Official iPhone carrier in Singapore confirmed to be Singtel

As from our earlier rumors, Singtel is indeed the official iPhone carrier in Singapore. They have apparently clinched the deal after agreeing to a revenue sharing deal with Apple. Expect more news to be out soon. As for now, the word is that we will see the iPhone here in September 2008, the 8GB model only, and it will retail for S$690.

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  • Hi Ryu I’m from Tech65 a local tech podcast. This is a great site you’ve got here, I’m surprised we didn’t chance upon it earlier. Perhaps in a Apple-heavy week you could join us for a guest host session. We’re always looking for guests. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Oriefa

    Hmm..i have been eyeing on the iphone since the first edition..but I recently watched the guided tour of the iphone 3G..and looking at the design, display and applications, I’m really keen on buying. But the literal price is a super setback. But somehow I really want the phone.Oh GOD help me!!!

  • I think the retail would be only SGD 690 if no plan is purchased alongside? Definitely a better deal if you sign up a new plan with SingTel instead, but think of all the hassles and procedures that will arise from canceling a contract with another mobile service provider.

    This is also one phone that is quite protected, such is the fact the prices would not escalate/fall by too much. E.g. Some phones that are not in high demand due to a high starting price usually have their prices altered to suit the situation.

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  • You can now download the manual at

    For more information on the iphone and links to all its available downloads – visit

    What for do the search and look through all the different sites when someone has already done that for you and posted everything all in one page? Furthermore, new articles are being added almost everyday. So visit the iphone resource page now! Cheers =)


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