Randy Ubilos is a legend – Not a Ex-Microsoft Employee. You have him to thank for Final Cut Pro and everything else besides Avid’s ridiculously expensive crap.

Surfing through Macrumors today got me agitated for a bit.

One of the topics wrote “Apple Refocusing Final Cut Pro? Jobs says “Next Release Will Be Awesome”, seemingly to suggest that Apple will dumb down Final Cut Pro to sell more copies of it.

I seriously doubt that is true, since anyone involved in doing video knows that while most video schools package Final Cut Express with their Mac bundles for sale, anyone actually buying video software from Apple often get Final Cut Studio instead.

Nevertheless, Apple is known for making improvements to their software to make it more user friendly, and FCP is way overdue for a rewrite to Cocoa, as it is currently in Carbon.

What got everyone nervous was the iMovie 8 experience, I think. The first public appearance on a Macworld stage for the legendary Randy Ubilos was the demostration for iMovie 8. Since iMovie 08 was so different from iMovie HD a lot of people weren’t pleased with iMovie 08, not to mention a lot of functions that existed in iMovie HD never made it to iMovie 08, and only came back in iMovie 09. The changes in iMovie 08 were so huge that many fans of iMovie HD still refused to use iMovie 09 today.

And thus many ignorant people thought that Randy Ubilos is just some random new guy that Apple brought in to “destroy iMovie”.

And that is what I took issue with.

Some guy on Macrumors posted the following;

“Randy Ubillos, the developer who completely redesigned iMovie in 2008”

That should read the guy who totally screwed up a nice clean program, made it a confusing mess, “integrated” it so deeply with iPhoto that the slightest problem causes it to lose its references to the movie files, has an ambiguous and strange method of defining what you can safely “delete” etc.

This guy should embrace his destiny, which is to write dumbed-down but ultimately confusing Windows “Wizards”.

First on Windows we saw “Hi. I am the MS Word Wizard. I noticed you are typing a letter …”.

What is this guy go to do as an encore to screwing up iMovie …… “Hi. I am the FCPro Wizard. I noticed you are making a movie. Can I get in your way?”

Seems to suggest that he thinks Randy Ubilos is just some idiot who has no idea how to properly make a decent video editor.

The truth, however, is something close to this;

For those who aren’t aware, Randy Ubillos is the guy who led the team that first created Premiere, then he left Adobe and led the team who created what is now FCP. He is not some hack who wandered into Apple circa 2007 fired all the old iMovie people, and made iMovie ’08, then had to fix his mistakes after everyone whined. In fact, I suspect iMovie’s Cocoa rewrite with ’08 was a dry run of sorts for when they inevitably had to do the same for FCP.

Translation: He was probably the most important person in the creation of a whole new non-Avid turnkey, computer-based video editing world/industry – a legend.

Ignorant idiots piss me off.

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  • Stuart Little

    I worked with Randy at Macromedia where FCP began life. Randy and Zalman Stern are probably smarter then everyone on MacRumors forums COMBINED. Zalman is back at Adobe. Randy is still doing his thing. I don’t think he would still be at apple if he couldn’t do his thing. He for sure doesn’t need the money.

  • Fgcs

    Randy destroyed Premiere and now Final Cut

  • Dusan Tatomirovic

    If you dare to look around and see what professionals are saying about FCPX maybe you will re-evaluate your opinion about Randy Ubilos.
    Randy Ubilos and Apple have demonstrated AGAIN that they are no different than M$ – they are after money, money and only money!

  • Ass

    Ha!  I bet you are eating your words now!

  • Nope. I’m not. New students in film school will start learning FCPX (I know from sources that many schools are being supplied with FCPX already) and in a few years’ time, every single film school graduate will be FCPX-trained. And those who aren’t will just be left in the cold. It’s as simple as that.

  • If they are just after money, FCPX will be thrown into the trash. And they will just release another version of FCP 7, throw in some silly updates, and call it FCP 8. Then still continue milking FCE for the semi-pro and student market. Not risk it all and develop something from the ground up. 

    Randy Ubilos is not after money, but legacy.

  • Randy created Premiere.

  • Yup I totally agreed.

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