The Case Against Adobe Flash – Microsoft + Opera + Apple V.S. Evil Adobe

In case you haven’t been reading much, it isn’t just Apple who thinks that HTML5, and not Flash, is beneficial for the future of the web. The major players in the web browser field seemed to all think so.

Here’s a quote from Microsoft’s GM of Internet Explorer, the most used web browser on planet Earth;

“The future of the web is HTML5. Microsoft is deeply engaged in the HTML5 process with the W3C. HTML5 will be very important in advancing rich, interactive web applications and site design. The HTML5 specification describes video support without specifying a particular video format. We think H.264 is an excellent format. In its HTML5 support, IE9 will support playback of H.264 video only.”

Here’s a quote from Opera’s Product Analyst;

“…at Opera we say that the future of the web is open web standards and Flash is not an open web standards technology…”


“…the technology makes very little sense. Battery life suffers, CPU usage is overwhelmed, and you can cook an egg on [devices] once you start running Flash on them and there’s a reason for that….”

And of course the Apple stand you already know.

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