A tale of iPhones – The 4, the 4S and a little bit of the Origin

Yeah yeah I know. I didn’t join the Starhub queue. I had a Starhub guy come to my place to give me my iPhone 4S in the comfort of my living room at 12pm sharp yesterday. Truth be told, I would love to go to the Singtel launch even though I’m not re-contracting with them this year (I alternate between Singtel, my real line, and Starhub, the line I sign for my brother to use, yearly), simply because all their launches have been really well done and enjoyable so far. But well, I’m not in the leagues of the local big-shot bloggers, and I talk shit about local telcos all the time. So no one would want to invite me. As usual.

But whatever.

I love this shot. Don’t you? And it’s not even the full family YET.

Pardon the photo quality. I had to take it with the shittiest camera phone I had at my disposal, for the good stuff’s the subject! (You know which Shitty phone that iS, don’t you?)

Here’s another washed-out pic. Oh so disgusting a camera the Nexus S is.

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