“Best Cases and Sleeves for iPhone 4 in Singapore” Review Series – Fabrix Cases iPhone 4 Sleeve

I can’t believe how long I took to finally get this.

I got my iPhone 4 two weeks ago at the Singtel Midnight iPhone 4 Launch, and it replaced my 3GS as my only phone less than twelve hours after the purchase.

My 3GS had a case (Incase Po on it all the time so I was always just slipping the phone directly into my pockets without any other protection.

The iPhone 4, however, is a thing of extreme beauty. And the last thing I will do to it is to use it with a case (in case you are wondering, there is no iPhone 4 antennagate outside the States. All evidence and news reports from around the world point to AT&T as the problem) that will hide the majority of its beauty, at least for the time being.

So what did I do?

First things first. Power Support Screen Protectors. The Best.

Next, a sleeve.

Instead of purchasing something immediately, I went home, took the old Sumajin off my iPod Video, and slipped my iPhone 4 into it.

One week later, I got so fed up with it that I finally caved in and ordered one of these.

And today it came.

Why a sleeve?
As I have said, at least for the time being I am going to carry my iPhone 4 without a case. If you look hard enough, you’ll notice that many of the iPhones that you thought were 3GSes or 3Gs are actually iPhone 4s – Yes, many of the available silicon cases turn the extremely beautiful iPhone 4 edges into boring curves and make the iPhone 4 look like an ordinary 3GS or (gasp!)3G.

I am not wearing iPhone 4 in a case for the time being. None of the 4 MUGSketeers are.

So, then, why not an ordinary cheap sleeve?

The Fabrix Cases iPhone 4 sleeve is a premium handmade sleeve. And Fabrix Cases is one of the few Singaporean companies making very decent accessories for the international Apple market.

I had a Fabrix Case iPhone sleeve since the original iPhone, and kept using it for my 3G, and then my 3GS, before my mum threw it away (the sleeve was super dirty and disgusting after three years of hard use) . They last and hold up very well over time. And the designs are nice.

And one more thing.

This is the difference between using a Fabrix Case sleeve specially made for the iPhone 4 and any other generic sleeve.

Fabrix Case iPhone 4 sleeve

Sumajin Sleeve

The Fabrix Case sleeve is dimensioned to fit the iPhone 4 snuggly, so it holds it well in its case for those would-be-unfortunate incidents when you tilt your sleeve (with the phone inside) the wrong angle.

One of these should be able to last you for a while, so long the dimensions of the next iPhone don’t change too much.

Fabrix Cases iPhone 4 sleeves can be found here.

They can do custom designs as well, for a different price, so long the print is available for one of their other products.

As you can probably tell, my “Birdies in Pink” iPhone 4 sleeve is a custom make from the print of the iPad sleeve.

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