Why I no longer have much to write about Apple

These days Apple is hitting the news cycle for everything it dabbles in, from watches to a tv subscription service, but I largely stopped writing about Apple because I no long find much to write about.

Yes I can write rumors about the upcoming iPhones, but do you really need to hear them from me? This year’s iPhones are going to be largely the same as last year’s, with some additional feature here or there. Honestly, the whole phone market is just full of iPhones and iPhone clones, and we have reached the point where nothing new can be truly new. Yes, folding phones (with foldable screens) are not “new”, they are an evolution of the folding “productivity” phones of the early 2000s, which never really caught on. I buy iPhone and will continue to buy iPhone because the competition is both shitty and atrocious, and iOS is great, despite its flaws.

But I digress. I find nothing to write about Apple these days because Apple these days is more like Sony twenty years ago, or even Microsoft during their MSN days. There is so much going on because so many people are doing so many things separately at the company, and you can no longer tell what Apple’s “plan” because everything is so diverse. Hell I bet even Tim Cook don’t have a hold on everything that is happening at the company.

Yes I can write about flaws like the recent keyboards with butterfly switches, or highs like iPadOS, but you know, the MacBook Pros always go through one design generation of being slightly shitty, then the next generation being almost flawless, then to another generation of being slightly shitty again, eg. titanium G4 (slightly shitty), aluminum G4/MBP (almost perfect), first unibody MBPs (slightly shitty), Retina MBP (almost perfect) and now we are at the TB3 MBPs (slightly shitty) generation again. So it will likely get better.

iPadOS wise, if you are a serious follower of Apple throughout even just the last decade, it will have been easy to spot how Apple has always been slowly building up iOS on the iPad to this stage, especially since five years ago. The problem these days are people like MKBHD and other well-known youtubers without an actual history of following Apple sprouting fallacies like “Apple is finally giving us this and that..” when really, it was in the works all along. I mean, the guy makes good-looking videos, but that does not mean he is John Siracusa.

Oh you want to talk about Jony Ive leaving? The guy’s a massive asshole. After Steve died he used all his influence to get rid of Scott Forstall and his people, with the excuse of “unifying software and hardware design under the same person”. After Forstall was fired, Ive then reassigned software design and hardware design to two different men, splitting the responsibilities up again. Getting rid of Forstall and his men drove a stake into iOS’s stability that it really never recovered until iOS 12 recently. So yeah, Ive’s gone, so what. I considered him to be capable enough to be in the running to succeed Tim Cook eventually, but apparently he is not interested. So out he goes.

I have no insight on Apple Card, Apple TV+, Apple Music (I still think Eddy Cue’s a bozo) and I generally disagree with everything Apple is doing on the subscription front. But that is a story for another day. Or maybe one I will never write.

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