Top ten “I’m a PC” advertisements!

1. “I’m a PC, and I irritate the hell out of office workers by crashing when they need me the most”

2. “I’m a PC, and I can do everything, including stealing your internet banking passwords and giving them to thieves”

3. “I’m a PC, and I carry batteries that explode during major conferences”

4. “I’m a PC, and I turn decent hardware like the Samsung Omnia and the HTC Touch Diamond into complete pieces of junk”

5. “I’m a PC, and I pretend that I ‘wrote’ Linux so I can look good”

6. “I’m a PC, and the cheaper I am, the more people love me – they don’t love me as much when I am $2000, why does Mac get all the love? Sighz”

7. “I’m a PC, and I pretend that I had some part to do with the creation of OSX’s underlying kernel so I can say nasty things about Mac”

8. “I’m a PC, and I am an ‘artist’! – I try to steal whatever new features Mac offers, doesn’t work most of the time though…. Sighz. FUCKMAC”

9. “I’m a PC, and I am designed by people who work with nothing but 12-inch long rulers and black and grey color pencils”

10. “I’m a PC, and I am depressed. Why are games leaving me for better hardware? Sighz.”


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