Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz tries to cover Steve Jobs’ health screwup through misleading article

Gizmodo and Jesus Diaz is getting out of hand.

Instead of posting some kind of apology for screwing up the Apple stock prices after the release of Steve’s and Apple’s statement earlier today, they went again and posted a disgusting article about how they were right after all.

Are they?

In this original article, they claimed that “the real cause (for Apple dropping out of Macworld) is his(Steve’s) rapidly declining health” while in the latest article written to cover his shit tracks, Jesus Diaz wrote “The reason why Steve Jobs is not doing the Macworld 2009 keynote is his health”.

In the first article, he specially suggested that Apple’s total dropout of Macworld is because Steve is dying and that there is no way Apple keynotes at Macworld will ever be the same again, thus the decision by Apple to pull out from Macworld. This suggestion was made through these words “Apple is choosing to remove the hype factor strategically vs letting the hype destroy apple when the inevitable news comes later this spring. This strategic loss will be less of a bang with investors. This is why Macworld is a no-go anymore. No more Steve means no more hype. “

The main point of his first article, thus, is not about Steve Jobs deciding to drop out from the 2009 Macworld Keynote due to his health, but rather “Steve Jobs is dying, thus Apple decides to pull out from all future Macworld Expos”.

His most recent article addressing this issue, therefore, is nothing more than a shitty attempt to try and cover the fact that he screwed up badly.

This is absolutely disgusting coming from Gizmodo, one of the big two gadget blogs.

Gizmodo should answer for this.



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