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I have been preparing for this over the last decade. It might sound exaggerating, but it is really not a simple task to find someone who is willing to throw in money, and to spend his or her free time, to record something as trivial as a podcast.

Which is why I am truly glad that Daniel, one of my techie friends, is totally on board. After at least 10 people who promised me that they are interested and then disappear even before we recorded a single episode, it is telling that Daniel has already recorded more than 3 sessions with me, with each one spanning 2 hours or more, excluding the preparations.

It might be insignificant, there might be no listeners, we will almost definitely lose a lot of money doing this – but I am totally glad that I have done it, and will continue doing it for the foreseeable future.

Why a podcast?

Podcasts are my main source of audio entertainment on the go (other than music of course), and listening to them week in week out have just made my desire to produce a podcast myself stronger and stronger as the years go by. Besides, for a very short while some years back, I was invited to be part of another local tech podcast, one that I did not really enjoy due to the over-produced format of the show.

ExFAT is why I really want to do – just talking crap into a microphone without any kind of preparations whatsoever.

Why ExFAT?

There has been a trend in recent years for tech podcasts to have one-word names, and ExFAT has to be a name that techies have heard before – ExFAT is both Windows and Mac (even though it is a Microsoft file system, but that is exFAT, not ExFAT), and we are not only Apple – but usually Apple.

Both Daniel and myself are people well-versed in both the Windows, Apple, and Android worlds, and while we personally love Apple more than anything else (for good reason), we will like to talk about non-Apple stuff as well, be it Android phones or Windows updates, or even random stuff such as politics in Singapore.

How often?

The intro states that we will be producing once a month, but most likely it will be quite infrequent, with more shows when I have more free time, and lesser shows when I am busy with work. Daniel is still a student, so I believe we will not have shows when he is having his exams too.


When you subscribe, there will be three episodes in the feed, with one “Special” episode, one “Prelude” episode, and our episode 1 which we are releasing today.

Please do not listen to the special and prelude episodes. The prelude episode was recorded after our first failed recording, and it was so bad that the only reason why it is in the feed is to create the iTunes feed in the first place. And the special episode is one where we talked out of our arses about the GE which I hope no one listens to in case we get sued. So just please listen to episode 1 – Where is my Pink iPhone 6s?

You can subscribe to ExFAT in iTunes or manually in podcatchers using the RSS and iTunes links below, or you can just search for ExFAT in the most popular podcatchers such as Overcast and Pocket Casts and it will be there already.

Thanks all. Please do give feedback here or in the various episode posts in

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