*fake* iPhone 6s resolution to be 2K, iPhone 6s Plus to be 2208×1242

Proven fake

So a Chinese source claims the iPhone 6s will now sport an increased resolution of 2000×1125 while the iPhone 6s Plus will now sport a increased resolution of 2208×1242.

While Cult of Mac might be sceptical, the listed resolutions are highly possible.

When the iPhone 6 Plus was first announced, it was the first iOS device to use Retina 3X elements, meaning, in actual fact, the iPhone 6 Plus hardware is effectively outputting a effective resolution of 2208×1242, and then applies a software scaler to downscale the resolution to 1920×1080, effectively both lowering actual resolution while letting the performance of the iPhone 6 Plus take a hit.

Theories such as the need to save battery life with higher resolution screens being more power hungry were put up as reasons for the downscaled resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus.

What if, the reason for the downscaled resolution is simply that Apple could not get enough low-energy high resolution screens for the kind of scale the iPhones require during the last generation? If so, it makes perfect sense to remove the downscaling this time round now that they have secured enough low-energy (probably IGZO) high resolution screens for the next generation of iPhones.

Thus, the native 2208×1242 resolution for the iPhone 6s Plus.

For the iPhone 6s, it is simply a matter of changing the Retina 2X elements used in the iPhone 6 to using the Retina 3X elements this time round, making both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus use Retina 3X elements.

This also effectively increased the ppi of the iPhone 6s to 488ppi, which is higher than the iPhone 6s Plus’ 460ppi if the 2208×1242 resolution is real.

Seriously speaking, high-end Android phones long have such high density screens, and it makes zero sense for Apple to stay away from them especially if the battery life will no longer take a hit from using these screens.

I for one will like a 488ppi iPhone 6s in Rose Gold.

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