Last Minute Apple Christmas Presents for your Loved Ones (Singapore 2020 Version)

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It’s less than three days from Christmas! Have you already prepared presents for your loved ones? Or have you totally forgotten that 2020 is near its end?

If your loved one/s are big Apple or iPhones fans, and you have already made up your mind to gift them an Apple this Thursday night or Friday, you will need to act fast.

It is unlikely that deliveries will make it in time, so your best bet is buying from the three Apple Stores locally. However, due to COVID-19 you can no longer just walk into any Apple Store without an appointment, so the way to go is to purchase online and do an in-store pickup.

For your wife/girlfriend/secret girlfriends who needs a phone upgrade

The iPhone 12 mini or the iPhone 12 Pro Max


I have previously detailed why I think these two models are the ones to check out. Even as reports are coming in that initial sales of the 12 mini are lackluster, you will likely know what size of phone your loved one needs. The 12 mini is small and cute, and light on your wallet. The 12 Pro Max, the favorite for Singaporeans who can never get enough of the best things, is an investment but one that is worthy for your loved one.

Stock Status:
The iPhone 12 and 12 mini are in stock in almost every capacity in each of the three Apple Stores.

The 12 Pro, however, are mostly out of stock with the exception of the 512GB models. The 256 models are in stock only at Apple Orchard.

The 12 Pro Max is fully in stock in every color and capacity with the exception of 128GB Silver being unavailable at Apple MBS.

Girlfriend or kid with an old laptop

M1 MacBook Air


Now, if your kid or girlfriend has a old-as-hell laptop, it is likely time to get them the best laptop the computing industry has ever witnessed in three decades – the M1 MacBook Air.

Stock Status:
The space grey models are completely out of stock, with only sporadic availability for the gold and silver models. I personally prefer the gold, but you will know if the recipient is not a gold kind of person if you are spending this kind of money on time. Do act fast if you are intending to buy the MacBook Air. Like right now.

Friend, Fling or you are just broke

AirPods or Beats (selected models)


If you are buying something for someone you just met, or you are simply too broke to afford anything more, the Apple and Beats’ range of earphones are a good idea. However, you can almost always get them at a cheaper price elsewhere, so buying directly from Apple may not be the best idea. Maybe a promise that they will get their present when it arrives in Singapore will suffice for Christmas Eve.

These are the ones to go for: AirPods, AirPods Pro, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and the Beats Flex. The Beats Flex you can buy from Apple since they are unlikely to be cheaper elsewhere for now. For the Powerbeats and Powerbeats Pro, take note that they may not fit every ear.

Loved one who does not need a new computer

iPad Air


If your loved one seldom uses the computer at home, or already has a new-ish computer, the new iPad Air may be your answer. However, due to their popularity, you are unlikely to find many models in stock locally.

Stock Status:
Only the Sky Blue 64GB wifi models are in stock at one or two of the Apple Stores (Jewel and MBS), and Rose Gold 256GB wifi at MBS. Maybe hitting up resellers is a better choice if you want an iPad Air by Friday.

For almost everyone

The Apple Watch


Finally, i think the Apple product that is best suited as a Christmas Present is the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is one of the Apple items that may not be in every iPhone user’s hands yet, maybe because they do not want to fork out the cash to test something they have no experience with, or they simply do not have the habit of wearing watches for them to fork out the extra cash. Gifting the Apple Watch, will open these people’s minds to the idea of having an accessory that does things that they do not expect their iPhones to do, or even features that they think they needed before.

The Apple Watch spans such a huge range of prices that they literally fit everyone’s budget. You can gift a kid an affordable Series 3, or gift your wife an expensive Hermes Apple Watch. The Edition and Stainless Steel models are practically jewellery. The SE is a good gift for your parents to track their health, and the Series 6 is good for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of Apple tech. Unless the recipient is a watch snob, or someone who always have scratched watches on their wrists, I do not know any iPhone user who will be unhappy to receive one.

Stock Status:
Take note, that the Hermes are hard to find in stock, especially with the wide range of band options. The Apple Watch Edition Titanium models are much easier to find, even though not every band is available everywhere.

All the Series 6 and SE aluminium and stainless steel models are in stock at all stores (not every band is), including the Red and Blue models.

Tip 1: If you are set on buying a Space Grey or Silver Aluminum model, buy the Nike+ ones. They cost exactly the same but have Nike+ model specific watch faces that you cannot get with the normal models. The only catch is that you have to choose from the available Nike+ bands to pair with the watch.

Tip 2: Always use the Apple Watch Studio to find your favourite watch and band pairing instead of just selecting one of the default Apple pairings on their site.

Tip 3: Unless you are absolutely sure of the recipient’s wrist size (even the Apple tool can get it wrong), do not order the Apple Watch with any of the Solo loops. It will be a pain in the arse to get it exchanged as many sizes and colours are in and out of stock all the time. Get the Sport Band or the Sport Loop, or any of the leather options if you want something high class.

What are you waiting for? There is no time to lose. Order on today and collect tomorrow.


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