Launch date for iPhone 5 in Singapore and other iPhone 5 tidbits

Just a few hours left to the iPhone 5 introduction tomorrow early morning, so let us run through some information that we already know as fact.

What we already know as fact;

1. iPhone 5 will be released in the States on the 21st. (WSJ)

2. iPhone 5 will be released in Singapore on the 21st as well. (Hardwarezone thanks DHL for leaking the info, lolol, and some other sources)

3. iPhone 5’s screen resolution is 1136X640, features 5 rows of icons instead of the usual 4 (multiple sources)

4. iPhone 5 has a brand new, 9-pin, UNI-DIRECTIONAL (this is freaking cool, you can plug it in both ways and it will work!) dock connector that will be featured probably on the new iPods as well (iLounge, you can count it on them for such news)

5. iPhone 5 will look like these two devices in the picture;

Picture from 9to5Mac obviously.

When 9to5Mac broke the news months ago about the above being the new iPhone 5 designs, I personally checked with supply chain sources who gave me the “erm… I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING!!!!” reply which basically means “duh…”, yet many didn’t seem to believe me or 9to5Mac’s pictures. But then, as more and more leaks appear, I guess people finally know.

What we have no idea of;

1. If SPG’s iPhone 5 screen protector is precise and accurate, since Apple doesn’t seem give device dimensions to third party manufacturers in advance

2. If Apple will be the only one selling the new dock cables/adapters, thus making cheaper low quality-controlled cables impossible to buy for the time being.

3. If M1, currently the only telco in Singapore with 12GB iPhone data plans remaining, and the telco I am going to switch to thanks to shitty service and shitty coverage from Singtel, will kill its 12GB plans the very day iPhone 5 launches on M1. Or if Starhub and Singtel will backtrack and offer 12GB just for a limited sign-up period in order not to lose hundreds of customers to M1. Edit: M1 already dropped their plans to 2GB, 3GB, 5GB and 12GB. Too late.

4. iPhone 5 has LTE that works in Singapore. may work in Singapore. (As pointed out by Ivan in the comments!) However, some sources closed to the telcos say LTE on the iPhone WILL work in Singapore, so we’ll see.


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