Letter to Apple Singapore Educational Sales Dept

“Dear N,

I am sending this email on behalf of Team MacNUS (MacNUS EXCO 2006/07).

We are very disappointed that the sales team at Apple Singapore has decided that the Mac sales at the NUS Matriculation Fair should be just like a PC sales affair, with lots of sales people fighting over potential sales and pressuring customers in groups, instead of the comfortable environment it has always used to be all these years, with 3 to 5 main Mac addicts slowly explaining and trying to convert freshmen into Mac users.

We understand that a large proportion of employees at Apple Singapore used to be from IBM, but we think that is no reason to treat Macs as dull black boxes that are sold to customers through bazaar “lelong” sales techniques – through sheer cut prices and employee numbers.

The one thing that I and many other Mac users (from the Mac User Group of Singapore, which I am part of, for example), hate most about PC shows and related sales event is the sense that we are being overwhelmed by too many sales people and being pressured into buying a product.

I wonder, if you are going to buy a Porsche, and you turn up at the showroom and it looks like a Kia sales bazaar, how will you feel?

Despite the fact that I have already graduated, I have repeatedly decided to take part in the annual Matriculation sales and help convert more people into Mac users(despite of the meagre payment one gets as a part timer sales person). This is because I love the annual sales event at NUS, and I love working with J and her people.

However, since the decision has been made to turn the NUS Mac sales into a regular PC sales bazaar booth, this will be the last year that I will be working in the NUS Mac sales.

I have decided to drop out of all of the sales event after the main one-week NUS Matriculation Fair.

For the Matriculation Fair itself, while I will love to drop out, I have personally persuaded two of my converts into working since late May. They have rescheduled their appointments, work and even holidays because I have told them that the event itself will be a great experience and will not be like a I.T.Fair kind of affair. And since things have came to such a situation, it will be extremely unloyal and despicable for me to drop out of the main event and let them fend for themselves during the event.

My two other experienced peeps, Y and I, are closed to dropping out of all events. They will make their decision soon.

It is sad that everything has to come to this. My love affair with Apple, Inc, will obviously continue, but, just not in this way anymore.

Yours Sincerely,

Ren Jinshen Ryu

on behalf of

the Original Team MacNUS”

P.S. N did not reply. On the first day of the fair she saw me and pretended that nothing happened.

In the end, I got so fed up of working with the other people that Apple SG sent that I quit after the first day.

Monday was only the second day of the fair, and there were only 5 sales person from the original 10. And another one will be quitting on Tuesday.

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