Macworld predictions roundup

We are 5 days away from the holy mecca of all Mac fans – Macworld Expo. As usual, there are many last minute rumors flooding the Mac rumors sites. Will do a listing of all the rumors listed on so far.

Basically, we have the following;

1. iWork and iMovie to become online apps
2. iPhone nano
3. Cheaper MacBook
4. Smaller iPod Shuffle
5. Updated iMac and Mac mini

So, the usual question: how true are these rumors?

Firstly, the possibility of iWork and iMovie becoming web apps is high. However, it is highly impossible that desktop versions of the apps will be totally gone. It is almost impossible to recreate web versions of the desktop apps while retaining all functions that the current desktop apps have, and if iWork’09 have lesser functions than iWork’08 had, we all know how well that will turn out. Anyone remember the iMovie’08 fiasco?

Secondly, iPhone nano. So yeah. You have the usual case makers revealing the possible existence of a nano-ized version of the iPhone. So what? Who cares? If it’s cheaper than the iPhone then maybe you will have a few people who are interested, but right now I think more people are really interested in getting the next iPhone software update from Apple in order to get more functionality out of their current iPhones.

Next, the cheaper MacBook. So drop the white MacBook entirely and lower the price of the entry Aluminum model. That will rock with me. Possibility of such an action happening at Macworld 2009 is low though.

Next, the smaller iPod Shuffle. Possible. Just not at Macworld 2009.

Lastly, the updated Mac Mini and iMac. This is almost a definite YES. 3 almost definite updates;

i. MiniDisplay port. Apple’s new standards-based almost-proprietary-for-now port will make its way to all Macs.

ii. Nvidia 9400. Obviously.

iii. New CPUs. You know which ones I’m talking about.

I can’t wait for 6th Jan!!!


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