My iPad 3 Predictions

Wednesday night (or Thursday morning) is iPad 3 day, and here are my predictions;

1. No LTE

Sorry, but LTE is really just not feasible in anywhere besides the States right now. In fact, it really isn’t even that feasible within the States, where LTE coverage is really less than ideal.

2. Retina Display, 2X of the original iPad resolution


3. iPad 2 8GB, to accompany iPad 3 16GB, 32GB, 64GB.

Which means no 128GB. It’s really just part of Apple’s recent strategy, to continue selling old stuff for cheap. It’s really not new, Apple for years have continue to sell previous generation models through the “refurbished models” page on their site, and putting it out front and centre is just a way to sell even more of the old stock (though with the 8GB they probably have to modify the old stock).

4. Naming? iPad 3

No particular reason, I just like iPad 3 more than iPad 2S or iPad HD.

5. Apps to demo the iPad 3 on? Aperture for iPad

Dan Benjamin thinks it’s Photoshop Touch, but he really is mistaken. For the past don’t-know-how-many iPhone/iPad events, new Apple apps have always accompanied the release of the devices, and this one shouldn’t be any different. And it’s finally time for Aperture for the iPad, because iPhoto on the iPad will be really weird due to the presence of the Photos app.

6. Design? Almost exactly the same as iPad 2, slightly difference in thickness.

Given. Too many pieces of evidence lately.

7. Camera? 5MP

Why? Cause it’s cheap enough by now.

8. Accessories? “Works with Smart Cover!” New colors.

If the case design is largely the same, no reason why it won’t work with the current line of Smart Covers. The design of the Smart Cover is such that it will accommodate many future iPads so long the design of the iPad itself isn’t that big of a difference in terms of shape. New colors will just give everyone a reason to buy new Smart Covers, which is what Apple really wants.

9. OS version? iOS 5.1 with Siri

Seriously though, Siri is getting pretty slow these days, so it will only hurt if they put Siri on the iPad. But Apple always put its new software features and apps on every new device that they debut, so it’s highly possible.

10. Singapore Launch Date? 23rd March 2012, Friday

Seriously it’s a tie between the 23rd and the 30th, but I won’t be able to make it on the 30th. So I’m putting all hope on the 23rd! Peeps in US, Japan, Britain get theirs this coming Friday.


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