“Nike, can I have a free pair of shoes since I wear your logo on them?”

This piece of “news” is a few days old but I thought I’ll publish it anyway.

ShuffleArt, a good friend of mine and a partner during the MacNUS days, forwarded the following email to me. The email was sent by, apparently, a NUS student named Hxx Xxx.


I’m currently a NUS student and got to know this from MacNUS Ryu. Does Shuffle-art give student discount?

Actually I’m just looking for something to protect my macbook as I bring my Macbook out everyday, and if not for Ryu, i wouldn’t have known Shuffle-arts. I was just wondering if you would consider waiving off the $59.90 for the protective shield, given that I provide a advertising space for Shuffle-arts by letting have Shuffle-arts website and logo on the shield? I’ve realised that the number of Macbook user has been increasing and many of them have yet to customise their Macbook, which I believe is because they don’t know where to look.

I hope you would consider my proposal. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Hxx Xxx

This Hui Xin fellow is apparently one of my customers during the NUS Matriculation Notebook Fair, although I am not sure if she did buy a MacBook from me or not, but it was true that ShuffleArt was offering MacNUS a special deal for their Koobniks then. However, never once did I mention ShuffleArt to her personally, and what the hell is “MacNUS Ryu” supposed to be anyway?

The thing is, this Hui Xin girl actually thought that just by having the ShuffleArt logo and the website address on her Koobnik (which are already on the product in the first place), that ShuffleArt will agree to waiving off the cost of the product? In the first place she is not someone famous, or someone that a company will pay to have their products used by her.

The things that some people will do.

I believed she was eventually asked to try her luck at Nike first.

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