Nokia/RIM/Windows Phone 7’s enemy isn’t Apple, it is Android

Apple is likely to “strike back” by acquiring patents from rivals such as Nokia or Research in Motion as a response to Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility. He also mentioned InterDigital, which has been widely viewed as a potential target for acquisition by Apple and other major players in the smartphone industry.

Google is, and has always been fighting a losing patent war, even with the Motorola purchase. RIM/Nokia/WP7’s enemy isn’t Apple, it is Google and Android. And they will make all the deals they can with Apple to eat Android alive. A puny Motorola isn’t going to deter things.

Google’s announcement just a day or two after Motorola announced that they are going to start suing other Android licensees (after losing out in market share to HTC and Samsung) makes the Google-Motorola deal sound like a sudden decision. Which won’t be surprising given Larry Page’s history as a CEO.

Appleinsider: Apple predicted to ‘strike back’ at Google with its own patent purchase


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