On the whole Google Chrome dropping H.264 support to start another format war fiasco

I wanted to write something myself but this article seems to sum it up pretty well.

Google, H.264 and Video on the Web

Fact to remember – Chrome is an insignificant browser in terms of market share, Safari and Internet Explorer have way bigger market share on mobile and desktop. However, if Google pulls H.264 support from Youtube, this means you can no longer watch Youtube videos on your current iOS AND ANDROID devices (at least not without sacrificing a crazy amount of battery life. Android devices probably won’t even last an hour with its poor battery life management).

Rule of Thumb:

Don’t believe Google when they tell you that they are “open”. It’s just marketing speech for “if you hate Apple, love us. We are the new Microsoft.”

Flash isn’t open, yet they bundled it in Chrome and support it in Android.

Google’s search isn’t “open”.

None of their important properties are. Only the ones that don’t matter much are “open”.

Google is just full of bullshit. Like how they stood up to the Chinese Communist govt and then back off almost immediately. Just another PR stance.

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