The AirPods Pro are Available at their Lowest Price Ever (Again)!

The AirPods Pro deal of the century (exaggerated) is back again! For a limited time you can get the AirPods Pro at their lowest tracked price of 199USD on Amazon US. Roughly the equivalent of 265SGD, it represents a savings of over 100SGD from the MSRP of 379SGD in Singapore. Forwarding the AirPods from the US should not cost much either, and since it’s below 400SGD no taxes will be incurred.

The AirPods Pro are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife. Considering the lead time for package forwarding from the US, the perfect time to buy is now.

The Official Apple iPhone 12 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe Review


Apple has been making first party iPhone cases for several years by now, but I have largely steered clear of buying them due to their higher prices and lack of full coverage of the body (iPhone 6 to 11 cases). They offer less than ideal protection, does not show off the beauty of the iPhone body, and cost 2 to 5 times the prices of the most popular iPhone cases on the market. To me the official Apple cases were a no go.

IMG_2065 2@0.5x

Full Protection

With the introduction of the iPhone 12, and the return to a iPhone 5-like form factor, the Apple official cases now cover the phone bodies completely. On top of that, they officially support MagSafe, enhancing the strength of the hold of the MagSafe Charger to the phone. The Apple cases also now show an interesting animation on the display when they are put on the iPhones, with their colours reflected in the animation, The iPhone 12 Apple cases are therefore quite a bit better than their predecessors. However, they also carry a higher price tag.

I managed to purchase an official Apple Silicon Case for the iPhone 12 mini in Dark Navy at a price lower than the MSRP. After using it for more than a month, I have some thoughts.


Liquid Silicone

The official Apple Silicone cases are made of a material called liquid silicone, which gives it a very rubbery feel, increasing the grip when you hold the phone in your hand, but also picks up lint every time the phone is in your pocket. They are quite a bit different from most of the other cases in the market, which typically use TPU, Polycarbonate, or a combination of both. There is also a microfibre lining on the inside, presumably to keep the back of your iPhone clean when it is inside the case.

More problems than solutions?

I find the rubbery surface both extremely helpful in maintaining my grip, but also extremely uncomfortable to touch. The microfibre lining may also trap dust and make it harder to clean, causing scratches over time as the trapped dust rubs against the back of the phone. It is

First Party MagSafe

I like the hold of the magnets to the MagSafe charger, as it is way stronger than when I was using the iPhone 12 mini with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid (TPU sides with Polycarbonate back). The Apple MagSafe Wallet will likely be more secured with the MagSafe case than with a random third party case. The stronger hold also means that it will work with chargers that are meant to hold the iPhone suspended in mid air by MagSafe, like the Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe.


Will I buy another one? Yes, if I can get it at a discounted price, definitely. Will I recommend it for everyone? It really depends. For most people the MagSafe ecosystem is not a necessity, and diving into it requires a bunch of spare cash. Third party cases with MagSafe-like magnets built in can be a cheaper alternative, but the quality control on those are suspect, as online reviews have shown that more than a few have less than ideal magnet strength. The iPhone 12 works with normal Qi chargers, and MagSafe is ultimately a nice to have, at least until the time when Apple removes the Lightning port from the iPhones.

Last Minute Apple Christmas Presents for your Loved Ones (Singapore 2020 Version)

Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 9.39.47 PM

It’s less than three days from Christmas! Have you already prepared presents for your loved ones? Or have you totally forgotten that 2020 is near its end?

If your loved one/s are big Apple or iPhones fans, and you have already made up your mind to gift them an Apple this Thursday night or Friday, you will need to act fast.

It is unlikely that deliveries will make it in time, so your best bet is buying from the three Apple Stores locally. However, due to COVID-19 you can no longer just walk into any Apple Store without an appointment, so the way to go is to purchase online and do an in-store pickup.

For your wife/girlfriend/secret girlfriends who needs a phone upgrade

The iPhone 12 mini or the iPhone 12 Pro Max


I have previously detailed why I think these two models are the ones to check out. Even as reports are coming in that initial sales of the 12 mini are lackluster, you will likely know what size of phone your loved one needs. The 12 mini is small and cute, and light on your wallet. The 12 Pro Max, the favorite for Singaporeans who can never get enough of the best things, is an investment but one that is worthy for your loved one.

Stock Status:
The iPhone 12 and 12 mini are in stock in almost every capacity in each of the three Apple Stores.

The 12 Pro, however, are mostly out of stock with the exception of the 512GB models. The 256 models are in stock only at Apple Orchard.

The 12 Pro Max is fully in stock in every color and capacity with the exception of 128GB Silver being unavailable at Apple MBS.

Girlfriend or kid with an old laptop

M1 MacBook Air


Now, if your kid or girlfriend has a old-as-hell laptop, it is likely time to get them the best laptop the computing industry has ever witnessed in three decades – the M1 MacBook Air.

Stock Status:
The space grey models are completely out of stock, with only sporadic availability for the gold and silver models. I personally prefer the gold, but you will know if the recipient is not a gold kind of person if you are spending this kind of money on time. Do act fast if you are intending to buy the MacBook Air. Like right now.

Friend, Fling or you are just broke

AirPods or Beats (selected models)


If you are buying something for someone you just met, or you are simply too broke to afford anything more, the Apple and Beats’ range of earphones are a good idea. However, you can almost always get them at a cheaper price elsewhere, so buying directly from Apple may not be the best idea. Maybe a promise that they will get their present when it arrives in Singapore will suffice for Christmas Eve.

These are the ones to go for: AirPods, AirPods Pro, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and the Beats Flex. The Beats Flex you can buy from Apple since they are unlikely to be cheaper elsewhere for now. For the Powerbeats and Powerbeats Pro, take note that they may not fit every ear.

Loved one who does not need a new computer

iPad Air


If your loved one seldom uses the computer at home, or already has a new-ish computer, the new iPad Air may be your answer. However, due to their popularity, you are unlikely to find many models in stock locally.

Stock Status:
Only the Sky Blue 64GB wifi models are in stock at one or two of the Apple Stores (Jewel and MBS), and Rose Gold 256GB wifi at MBS. Maybe hitting up resellers is a better choice if you want an iPad Air by Friday.

For almost everyone

The Apple Watch


Finally, i think the Apple product that is best suited as a Christmas Present is the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is one of the Apple items that may not be in every iPhone user’s hands yet, maybe because they do not want to fork out the cash to test something they have no experience with, or they simply do not have the habit of wearing watches for them to fork out the extra cash. Gifting the Apple Watch, will open these people’s minds to the idea of having an accessory that does things that they do not expect their iPhones to do, or even features that they think they needed before.

The Apple Watch spans such a huge range of prices that they literally fit everyone’s budget. You can gift a kid an affordable Series 3, or gift your wife an expensive Hermes Apple Watch. The Edition and Stainless Steel models are practically jewellery. The SE is a good gift for your parents to track their health, and the Series 6 is good for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of Apple tech. Unless the recipient is a watch snob, or someone who always have scratched watches on their wrists, I do not know any iPhone user who will be unhappy to receive one.

Stock Status:
Take note, that the Hermes are hard to find in stock, especially with the wide range of band options. The Apple Watch Edition Titanium models are much easier to find, even though not every band is available everywhere.

All the Series 6 and SE aluminium and stainless steel models are in stock at all stores (not every band is), including the Red and Blue models.

Tip 1: If you are set on buying a Space Grey or Silver Aluminum model, buy the Nike+ ones. They cost exactly the same but have Nike+ model specific watch faces that you cannot get with the normal models. The only catch is that you have to choose from the available Nike+ bands to pair with the watch.

Tip 2: Always use the Apple Watch Studio to find your favourite watch and band pairing instead of just selecting one of the default Apple pairings on their site.

Tip 3: Unless you are absolutely sure of the recipient’s wrist size (even the Apple tool can get it wrong), do not order the Apple Watch with any of the Solo loops. It will be a pain in the arse to get it exchanged as many sizes and colours are in and out of stock all the time. Get the Sport Band or the Sport Loop, or any of the leather options if you want something high class.

What are you waiting for? There is no time to lose. Order on today and collect tomorrow.

The Powerbeats (4th Generation) Review (and Some “Beats by Apple” History)

PXL_20201214_215959075.NIGHT@0.5xSimilar packaging to the Powerbeats Pro

PXL_20201214_215400370.NIGHT@0.5xBlack Box Now

PXL_20201214_215438056.NIGHT@0.5xThe red Powerbeats looking good

PXL_20201214_215534910.NIGHT@0.5xEverything else in the box

PXL_20201214_215549240.NIGHT@0.5xOnly tips and a black Lightning cable

PXL_20201214_215629546.NIGHT@0.5xFlimsy fabric pouch

PXL_20201214_215714882.NIGHT@0.5xBeats sticker and literature

The AirPods Max came out today. But unless you already have a pair on the way, you will likely be waiting until March 2021 for a pair since both the online and retail are fully sold out. What should you buy if you need to find a pair of iOS friendly headphones for your loved one this Christmas?

Let me tell you a story.

Some history

A long time ago, there was a headphones brand by the name of Beats by Dre. They were very popular among the youth and those who value the looks of a headphone over the actual sound. Any self-respecting audiophile or wannabe stayed far away from them.

Then in May 2014, Beats by Dre became “Beats by Apple” (Apple purchased them).

For a long time since the purchase Beats just kept doing its own thing, as the Apple then was mainly interested in what is now Apple Music.

Then in 2016, with the release of the iPhone 7, Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone port from the iPhone. On top of the AirPods they introduced at the same iPhone 7 event, Apple also mentioned that a bunch of Beats headphones will be introduced and updated with their W1 chip that was powering the first generation AirPods.

Those Beats headphones were the Beats Solo 3, the Beats Studios 3, the Powerbeats 3, and something new in Beats’ lineup – the BeatsX.

The BeatsX

The Beats Solo 3, Beats Studio 3 and the Powerbeats 3 were, as far as anyone could tell, still tuned by Beats, and they, well, continued to sound like shit headphones muddy with too much bass. The BeatsX, however, was an entirely different animal. It sounded exciting, with a decent sound stage, and pretty well instrument separation. There was bass, but it was just the right amount, and the mids and highs were pretty balanced. As it was reviewed as a tech accessory, some in the tech world just dismissed it as another Beats headphone. To some others, the Beats X was the successor to the famous ADDIEM, the Apple Dual Driver In Ear Monitors, also known as the Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic. Everything released by Beats after the Beats X eventually received the same high level of sound tuning.

What Apple is not

Many people are mistaken about Apple. The arseholes out there think that Apple is an arrogant company that makes overpriced lousy products that only people who were hypnotised by the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field bought. The PC die-hards think of Apple as another PC company that sold overpriced assembled PCs on commodity hardware and they only achieved the success they have because their computers are made of aluminium and/or white plastic.

What Apple is

Apple is an audio company. And they are one of the best audio companies. Apple did not just start making audio products in 2016. There were the iPods, the iPod hifi, and hell, remember the iSub (later part of Harmon Kardon Soundsticks)? People who were aware of this history were afraid that Apple’s audio quality would go down the drain through the Beats acquisition. In reality, the opposite happened. Beats by Dre is shit. “Beats by Apple” is genuinely a very good audio company.

That is a lot of words unrelated to the actual Powerbeats headphones review.


The (new) Powerbeats

The Powerbeats (4th Generation), was released earlier this year, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. It did not garner much attention, for the world today likes to focus on “true wireless”, whatever that means. Most people had other issues to deal with then too. The Powerbeats Pro, released one year before, was universally well received for having both passive sound cancellation and the best sound in Apple’s headphone lineup then (this was before the AirPods Pro existed).

The easiest way to describe the Powerbeats is that they are “Powerbeats Pro with a wire”.


“Powerbeats Pro with a wire”

There are many in the audiophile world who will put the sound of the Powerbeats Pro above that of the AirPods Pro, so you know that the Powerbeats have really good sound. From my testing that sentiment is generally accurate, even if I prefer the AirPods Pro overall for various reasons (ANC, easier to seal).

Powerbeats, very affordable

The Powerbeats also happen to be the most affordable pair of headphones with the H1 chip in Apple’s line up (even cheaper than the AirPods second generation). This means that it has auto device switching with firmware 3A283, like the AirPods and AirPods Pro. If you have multiple iOS devices, you already know how magical this feature is. Beats branded products are also easily available with decent discounts, unlike the Apple branded AirPods. They are often on Amazon US for only 99.95USD, 50USD off their usual retail price. Plus they come in colours other than just white.

For the smaller price tag, the Powerbeats took features off the Powerbeats Pro. There is a wire across the two headphone pieces, so it is not “true wireless”. There is no wireless charging case to top up the battery charge when they run out of power. The “case” they come with is a cheap looking fabric pouch.

That is about it. And they are 100USD cheaper than the Powerbeats Pro’s retail price.

The potential issues

However, there are two points you must consider before you decide to purchase the Powerbeats. Like the Powerbeats Pro, it has the ear hooks, which makes wearing the Powerbeats uncomfortable for some people, especially over long periods. And like the Powerbeats Pro, the “buds” are angled at a specific angle that will make it difficult for some people to get a proper seal with the rubber tips. A bad seal results in bad sound. If you do not have a problem with the Pro’s fit, you will not have a problem with the Powerbeats either.


In conclusion, the Powerbeats are a superb buy. If you have a loved one on iOS but who has yet to make the jump to wireless headphones, the Powerbeats will be a good choice of present this Christmas.

-Very good sound quality (way better than the cheap Beats Flex, which is just acceptable)
-Very affordable for Apple’s line up
-Comes in colours other than White (like the superb Red in this review)

-Earhooks are annoying
-Some ears might find it hard to get a decent seal on (resulting in bad sound)

Loren Brichter, creator of the Tweetie (now Twitter) app and the pull to refresh interaction technique, created days ago, after realising that completely removing Google Chrome and the Chrome Updater (also known as Keystone), solved all the performance issues he had with his MacBook Pro and his family’s iMac.

This is not a new development, it is not a Chrome “bug”. Most seasoned Mac users know that having Chrome installed on your Mac is the modern equivalent of having Norton Antivirus for Mac installed – it basically makes your brand new Mac into a years-old one, and an old Mac into one that seemed like its on the verge of its death. Getting rid of Chrome and Keystone has always been one of our first pieces of advice for anyone having performance issues on macOS.

Keystone, in particular, have been widely reported about in the news outlets for doing nefarious things to the system, being referred to by many (even some very very smart people) as malware. Just a year ago it was responsible for modifying system files that resulted in a large number of production Macs crashing.

If you need a browser that renders like Chrome, aka Chromium browsers, some of the popular ones to try are Brave, Vivaldi and even Microsoft Edge. I personally only use Brave on my Google Pixels and they run way faster than the built in Chrome (the ad blocking is a bonus).

Hit up for the instructions to remove Chrome and especially Keystone, for it will sneakily reinstall itself in different parts of the system if you just delete it in the user library without removing Chrome (or other Google apps).

Have a brand new M1 Mac? Remember, DO NOT INSTALL CHROME.

Apple Watch Series 5 Space Black Stainless Steel Unboxing




IMG_7367Look! A power brick!

IMG_7369The microfibre watch cover is way better than the paper one in the Series 6.

IMG_7370 The shiny!

IMG_7374Not intending to use the Milanese Loop as it is known to leave permanent scratches on the SBSS DLC coating.

Yes I know. Why will I buy a Series 5 watch when the Series 6 exists?

The End of the Line for the SBSS

The Space Black Stainless Steel(SBSS) Apple Watch is (almost) no more. With Series 6 Apple retired the SBSS from the normal line (only a variant remain for the Hermès Apple Watch) and introduced the Graphite in its place. Personally I much prefer the look of the Graphite, as it shows off the shininess of the stainless steel much better than the SBSS ever could.

Weaker DLC Coating?

There have however been concerns that the Graphite’s Diamond-like Coating (DLC) is not as strong as that of the SBSS. The dlc process coatings carbon on top of the stainless steel to make it resistant against scratches, and it is the carbon that gives the SBSS and the Graphite their black color. The Graphite’s lighter color implies that less carbon has been used in its coating process, and thus the weaker resistant against scratches. Therefore the SBSS is still the choice if you want the strongest protection against scratches.

Is the weaker DLC Coating for the Graphite an Issue?

I do not think it matters. When you buy a Gold or Graphite (or SBSS) stainless steel Apple Watch. if you managed to scratch hard enough the silver underneath will show through the Graphite or Gold coatings, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix it. If you have the bare stainless steel you can always polish away the scratches with metal polish. The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and DLC (which is a kind of PVD) coatings on the Gold and Graphite (and SBSS) Apple Watches do provide a protection layer against scratches, with the DLC being the better of the two. Nevertheless if you are worried you should either buy the bare stainless steel model, or one of the aluminum ones (so your heart does not bleed everytime you get a scratch unfortunately).

The Stainless Steel Apple Watches are the Ones to Get

That said, since the SBSS may become rare going forward, I decided to purchase one for my collection (at an amazing discount from a land far away, where the sun wakes the earliest) with the help of a great friend. Looking at the watch close makes me appreciate the subtle shininess that is only obvious when you are near to it. The stainless steel Apple watches have always been the better experience, with the added weight on your wrist and the shinier look of the sapphire-infused cover glass. You feel like you are wearing a piece of jewelry and not a cheap tech toy.


I love the SBSS. And all my other Apple Watches. I noticed that the ECG app is on the SBSS. That is not the correct behaviour for a watch originating from Japan. Therefore it will be a mystery for me to solve in a different post. Edit:Solved. iOS 14.2 activated the ECG app in Japan.

Have a Series 0, 1 or 2 Apple Watch and wondering if you can use it on iOS 14? Find out here.

iPhonedo tests the Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe

iPhonedo tests the Apple-approved Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe on LA’s bumpy roads. From the video it seems like the initial worries about MagSafe’s magnets being too weak to hold the phone to the mount during a bumpy car ride are overblown. The level of bumpiness on LA roads seem to equal that of Johor, and if it can survive Johor roads, it definitely can survive Singapore roads.

The Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe costs 59 Singapore dollars and you can buy it from the Apple Online Store.

On Black Friday and the MagSafe Duo

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 7.45.31 PM

The Apple product year has largely ended. It is quite unlikely for Apple to make any new product announcements from now until the start of 2021, so the next few weeks are likely to be light on Apple news. You will probably see worsening Covid-19 situations, news of lockdowns, and even mass hysteria episodes, instead of hearing about the AirPods Studio or the Apple Silicon iMac.

This week though, is Black Friday Week. On a certain e-commerce giant’s site in another country, the latest Apple Watches (both Series 6 and SE) are now available for 20% off MSRP. I am not going to get into the how-to of freight forwarding, DuckDuckGo is your friend for that. Seriously, if you are going to focus on only one thing this whole week, focus on getting the best deals from Black Friday. This is a once in a year thing, and everyone needs new toys to cheer up a bit from all the 2020 things.

Remember the MagSafe Duo? People make jokes about how it will end up like AirPower and never show up. But it is a extremely simple device. It is no different from making a dual-pad Qi charger or a Qi charger with an integrated Apple Watch charger. Reviews have already went up on YouTube since one or two weeks ago. Is it worth the price? Nah, probably not. You really have to want the “convenience” of the travel friendly folding design to justify paying 199 Singapore dollars for the thing. It is nothing more than a foldable rubber pad with the MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers nicely integrated. Yes you save on using separate chargers for two cables, but that issue is easily solved with any multi port chargers on the market. Sure, it looks nice. But I can spend that $199 on a leather case and a MagSafe wallet for my iPhone 12 and still have change left over. It is like the official Apple Watch dock. It is a simple accessory that is well made and nice, and the only question is if you like it enough to pay what Apple wants for it. I tend to answer no to that question. But you do you.

By the way, are there any fanatic genuine Apple Watch band collectors in Singapore? Do reach out.

Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air (Late 2020) Unboxing


I borrowed an M1-powered MacBook Air from my relative for this unboxing.





If you have been paying attention to the recent MacBook Airs, this unboxing is going to look exactly the same as the ones that came before.


The keyboard has the only obvious physical change with these few key changes.

Battery life

I have not taken out the power adapter from the box yet, but have already installed the 11.0.1 update. It took more than 20 mins, and I noticed the battery percentage did not change even after the update has been completed. After playing with the MacBook Air for more than an hour in total, the battery percentage only dropped like 2-3%. Take note that I did not push the MacBook Air hard, nor did I do any benchmarks since those are all over the internet already, but this thing is fast and snappy! And the battery life is incredible.

The state of iOS apps on Apple Silicon macOS

It appears more than just a few developers have chosen to block their iOS apps from appearing from the Mac App Store, either because they already have a macOS version and obviously they want to make money from those, or they are just bent on not giving macOS users access to their apps. Possible reasons could be because their apps are “not ready for macOS yet”, or maybe because they will lose out on a lot more tracking info if users chose to use their apps instead of their websites. Whatever it is, none of the third party apps that I use on a daily basis are available on macOS, and that sucks. Maybe Apple was wrong to give the developers that choice in the first place. Developers who are lazy and want more money but do not want to do the extra work.

However, from recent reports it seems that you may actually be able to install iOS apps not available on the Mac App Store by executing their .ipa files directly. Worth a try I guess.


These are definitely the best Macs to have came out of Apple in probably the last two decades. Going Intel in 2006 might have allowed a lot more people to be exposed to Macs, but it also took away the uniqueness Macs have over the rest of the computing industry, with their RISC processors. With the M1 Macs Apple has regained its uniqueness and advantage over the rest of the traditional computing industry, and do not expect them to slow down anytime soon. Very soon the pathetic PC whiners are just going to claim that their old AF x86 platform architecture is superior because they say so, just like stupid Android people who still think they have the most powerful phones just because some manufacturers have to use massive cooling solutions for their shitty designs. Well idiots will be idiots and there are so many idiots in the PC industry that it is not even funny.

Should you buy an M1 Mac now?

The usual answer applies – buy only if you need a computer now. If not there will always be faster Macs in the future. If you have been waiting, especially for a MacBook Air, I think this is a good time to purchase it. The MacBook Pro, maybe not, since there are rumors that a 14-inch one is coming next year.

MagSafe on the iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Max


MagSafe, if it is not already painfully obvious, is not a new technology. It is based on Apple’s implementation/fork of the Qi wireless standard, and as such, has all of the cons that come along with Qi.

Is there a reason for you to specifically seek out MagSafe charging as opposed to just using a standard Qi charger?


One big issue with Qi charging has always been heat, the faster the charging the greater the heat produced during the charging process, the faster your phone battery’s lifespan will deplete. Android manufacturers have no qualms about implementing the fastest charging standards, both wired and wireless, for generally they expect you to hold on to an Android phone for 3 years at the most, for Android updates are only generally available for phones up to three years (most phones only support two years’ worth of updates). If your phone battery dies during those two to three years, all the better for them, as you will be forced to buy another phone.

Apple’s Qi implementation

Apple has always implemented Qi at a limited capacity compared to what the spec is capable of, at first 5W, then 7.5W when used with Apple spec-ed Qi chargers. Last year’s 11 Pro implemented 10W charging, but that was a one-off, as you cannot get 10W standard Qi charging from this year’s 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max.

MagSafe = Qi?

With MagSafe, Apple has chosen to implement Qi charging in a specific and strict way to mitigate the cons of Qi charging. The coils are smaller than what you will find on most Qi chargers (probably to limit heat creation), and the magnets in the MagSafe system are intended to keep the coils as close as possible to the perfect charging spot to optimise charging efficiency. Apple claims that the smarts in the MagSafe charging puck paired with the PD3.0 9V 2.22A charging profile will be able to quickly adapt to temperature changes and quickly adjust the power output to the phone efficiently to manage heat.

MagSafe charging warms the iPhone 12 mini

From my own testing over the weekend, there is no doubt that the iPhone 12 mini is warm when charging over MagSafe compared to charging over my trusty Apple 12W charger (stone cold). However, it does seem to produce even more heat when charging with my 7.5W Qi charger.

Is MagSafe bad?

So is MagSafe bad for your iPhone 12? It is likely a better solution than standard Qi charging, and likely eats away at the lifespan of your iPhone battery at the same rate as if you are using a USB-C fast charger to fast charge your iPhone all the time.

The Ecosystem

MagSafe, however, is more than the charging puck and the magnets in the iPhone 12 body. Apple intends for it to be an ecosystem of accessories that can attach themselves to your iPhone to provide additional functions, even if you have an (Apple branded) iPhone case on. Right now all Apple is producing are their iPhone 12 case lineup and the MagSafe wallet. Belkin has a car mount available, but there are no reviews of that accessory yet.


Should you go MagSafe?

Sure, why not? If you are already buying an iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Max it makes no sense not to try out the new feature for $59. I do hope better accessories are in the pipeline.


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