Possible Pricing for iPhone in Singapore

Using the fact that Optus is Singtel-owned, the pricing that Optus released for the Australian iPhone today is extremely interesting, and gives deep insights on what the possible pricing for the iPhone in Singapore will be. It is also highly possible that the plans offered in Australia under Optus will be similar to the plans offered in Singapore eventually.

There are both pre-paid and post-paid plans for the iPhone, and for the pre-paid plans, the iPhone is priced at 729 Australian dollars(about 960 Singapore dollars) for the 8GB model and at 849 Australian dollars (about 1110 Singapore dollars) for the 16GB model respectively.

The pricing sounds extremely outrageous compared to the pricing offered by carriers in other countries such as the U.K. and the United States.

However, the site itself is relatively confusing as it is not clear if customers opting for a contract-based plan will be getting the phone at cheaper rates. If the rumors that Singapore will be only getting the unsubsidized iPhone 3G are true, I am going to be one furious Singtel boycotter.

Singtel is still going to win big time though, but I foresee a big market of grey imports as soon as Singtel announces a ridiculous pricing.

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